Top 7 Tips for a Survival Guide for Ski Seasons

The ski seasons are not only something desired by many admirers of various winter sports, but are also a chance to get some money by being employed and doing seasonal jobs, yet you should know some things that would make your seasonal job much better. The recommendations below will surely help you to spend your time there wisely and fun.

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1. First of all, you should arrange all the matters with accommodation as early as possible. Indeed, there are many things you have to settle before going to the resort, but accommodation is the matter worth of mentioning. Even if the employment package includes your accommodation, you can find out later that sharing your living space with someone else is not something you are inclined to. Or, after living for a while there and being dissatisfied with the living conditions, you may regret that you have not looked for something else. Of course, you are going to work there, but a big share of time you will have to be inside; it will be a good option to have decent conditions.

2. Another thing you should do is to get fit. Prior to heading to the resort, make sure that you are in a good physical state. Many people who have experienced working on such seasonal jobs may tell you how many pizzas and hamburgers you will have to refuse in order to get your stamina better. You will have to spend a lot of time being active outside, and having a good physical condition is a must.

3. As well, start building friendships with the fellow workers as early as possible. It is known that the best relationships are those we make earlier, and building strong relationships can pay dividends later. Also, it is important how you get along with your chief at the beginning. You will place yourself in a good position in case you are demonstrating a willingness to work at the season’s beginning when guests are just arriving. It may be anything starting with an invitation to some party, and finishing with a proposition to return next year.

4. The next thing is that you have to look after your money. It is not about that you should be aware of some robber trying to steal your wallet, but that you should spend less than you actually earn. It does not mean that you have to limit yourself, and it is known that seasonal jobs are interesting rather because of fun and experience than money, but you should not be asking your mates to pay for your drinks till the payday.

5. Keep in mind that you are there with the purpose of working. Yes, no one says that seasonal jobs do not bring fun or that you should not enjoy your stay there during ski seasons. However, you must bear in mind that you are there because you are working for your employer who would not be happy with you doing nothing. Just if you will not make enough efforts during your work there, your seasonal job may finish faster than you have thought. You need to find a balance between working and having fun.

6. You should enjoy your stay there with snow everywhere around you. Get skiing or snowboarding, make the most of your spare time there. In addition to winter sports, you can go and discover the nearby locations. Make sure that you are spending your free time at the resort with real pleasure and fun.


7. After all, you have to always stay safe. It is a must. No one suggests you to change your mind about choosing some other job or not going there, but you should remember that the ski resort is a quite dangerous place. Try to make sure that no serious injury will happen to you!

These simple pieces of advice will help you to spend your ski seasons with benefits and fun, while enjoying a wonderful and fabulous atmosphere of the mountains.

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Chris - Wed Jan 20 17:33:35 PST 2016

Great advice! I'm also in favor of building relationships with people as early as possible - it's just so much easier that way. If you don't reach out to fellow workers until you've actually been there for some time, it just gets a little awkward. Make friends and foster relationships with people, because knowing that you have someone to spend time outdoors with just may make it a little bit easier when you inevitably have to turn down those burgers and pizza :).


Jeffery Williams - Fri Jan 22 19:56:34 PST 2016

I am thinking that the more people that know what you are going to be doing while on the mountain the better. I always watch TV shows where people just venture out and never come back, but nobody knows exactly where they went to.


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