All About Mogul Skiing

So you want to be a mogul skier? Check out the list of everything you need to know about mogul skiing below!

Mogul Skiing

Mogul Skiing

Your Checklist for Mogul Skiing

1.) What is mogul skiing?

Mogul skiing is the activity of skiing on mogul terrain.

2.) What is mogul terrain?

Firstly, you should know the definition of moguls. If you are unfamiliar with moguls, moguls are basically snow piles that are formed by skiers who had turned and ran over the same spaces for a long period of time. At first, moguls are a rounded shape, but over time, they transform into a teardrop shape.
Mogul terrain is extreme because the various moguls can make navigating the slope difficult. Moguls could cause uncertainty of direction and an increase of speed—two things that could cause fear within skiers.

3.) Can anybody mogul ski?

While anybody can attempt to mogul ski, it is recommended that you should have a lot of regular skiing experience. Regular skiing is difficult enough, but mogul skiing terrain is a lot harder than regular skiing. So, if you can master powdery, smooth, and groomed slopes, then you should have an easier time on the rocky and uneven mogul terrain.
Mogul skiing is physically demanding and requires a good balance of stamina, strength, and balance. So, stepping up your basic workout routine is highly recommended. Activities such as; leg training, running stairs, weight training, and using an increased incline on the treadmill can be extremely beneficial.

4.) What is different about mogul skiing than regular skiing?

Mogul skiing has the same basic foundations as regular skiing. But, the overwhelming difference between mogul skiing and regular skiing is the terrain. When regular skiing, you ski on a daily groomed slope. But, that is not the case for mogul skiing. Like we discussed in earlier questions on this list, mogul skiing is performed on moguls. And from what we know about moguls, they are nowhere smooth or easy to navigate. Thus, the difficulty of mogul skiing is a lot more than regular skiing (although regular skiing can be quite intense).

Snowboard in yellow suite

Snowboard in yellow suite

5.) Is mogul skiing safe?

While mogul skiing poses its threats, it is safe. The reality is that every extreme sport has its risks, but they are low, and if you are prepared, well educated, and skilled, then the risks are even lower. Plus, mogul skiing has a ton of rewards, such as; the sense of accomplishment after descending a difficult slope, completing tricks over moguls, connecting with nature, skiing on terrain across the world, and looking at breathtaking sceneries—and that’s just to name a few! Thus, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

6.) What are some common risks of mogul skiing?

Speaking of the safety and risks of mogul skiing, we should address some of the common risks of mogul skiing. One of the more popular risks is gaining too much acceleration. While skiing moguls, it is easier to pick up speed. Before you know it, you could be going twice the speed as regular skiing, and find it hard to navigate the slope. In order to prevent this, learn to rotate your skis and maintain a greater skiing range. Some other risks are; avalanches, falling, breaking a bone, or injuring yourself some other way while between moguls.
The best way to avoid one of the risks becoming an accident is to educate yourself. Before mogul skiing on a specific slope, research common mistakes people made on the course and the common risks of the course. This will make you be more prepared. Also, educate yourself on all of the general risks, and the safety precautions you could take. Thus, if you know what could happen, you are more likely to be able to detect an upcoming danger, and avoid it.

7.) What kind of equipment do I need?

For mogul skiing, you basically need the same equipment as regular skiing. But, we are going to go into a little bit of detail of exactly what you need. To begin, you are obviously going to need skis. It is recommended that men use 185 cm long skis and women use 175 cm long skis. Then, you are going to need a good set of ski poles in order to help you gain acceleration, turn properly, and maintain your overall balance.
Unlike regular skiing, mogul skiing requires you to wear heavier snow gear, specifically knee pads. So, make sure that you purchase quality padding.
Finally, make sure to buy a standard ski boot, and a quality hard helmet.

8.) How can I prepare to mogul ski?

There are a few steps that can prepare you for mogul skiing. First, you should be in the best physical shape. Make sure that you have enough strength, stamina, and balance to propel you throughout the slope. In order to gain more physical endurance, up your work out from three days to five days, or up the intensity and time of your workout.
Then, research everything you need to know about mogul skiing. Ensure that you understand and can detect the risks. Also, make sure that you know the safety precautions and basics of mogul skiing.
If you have never skied before, you may want to spend some time regular skiing at a ski resort. This will make your mogul skiing experience a lot more fun and easier.
Then, research the best quality equipment, and purchase it. Once you have your equipment, find a good place to go mogul skiing. Before you go on your trip, be sure to tell someone your plan of where you are going, what you are doing, and when you will be back—this is for extra safety.

9.) What is difficult about mogul skiing?

Aside from being physically demanding, like regular skiing, mogul skiing is difficult because of the terrain. If you are not observant, you could have an extremely hard time finding where to turn, and where to go on the trail. Also, the moguls can cause an increase of speed, which could be fearful for some people.
For those who want to mogul ski, but want to mogul ski at a lower speed, ski on the mogul tops and avoid the troughs as much as possible.

10.) Where can I mogul ski?

While there are plenty of options to mogul ski worldwide, some the best places to mogul ski are; Mary Jane at Winter Park, Colorado and the KT-22 Runs at Squaw Valley, California!

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