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Best Places to Ski in Norway

Norway Skiing

If you recently checked out our post about the history of skiing, or you know the foundations of skiing, you would know that Norway had a big influence on the history of skiing, and the development of skiing as a sport. Thus, it makes sense that one of the founding locations for skiing would be a skiing mecca. Since Norway is home to a ton (and we mean a ton) of skiing locations, we decided it would make your life easier to comprise a list of the top locations to ski in Norway. Continue below to check out the best Norway skiing locations!

Norway Skiing Family

Norway Skiing Family

1.) Trysil

We are kicking off our list of the best Norway skiing locations with Norway’s largest ski destination! Trysil has everything from a large and open area for beginner skiers, to rigorous and varied terrain for intermediate and advanced skiers. There are three snow parks located at Trysil; The Green Line, Biaparken, and Parken Trysil. To begin, The Green Line is the located for beginner skiers. There you will find simple jumps and boxes, which help create fundamental skills in newer skiers. The Green Line is also home to the children’s area, which is home to one of Norway’s largest and most interactive area, at a ski resort, for children.
As for Biaparken, it is the most popular park at Trysil. It is home to two jump lines, basic rails, and small boxes. Biaparken offers a variety of slopes for every skiing level. Finally, as for Parken Trysil, it is home to the most advanced trails at Trysil. It has everything from steep jumps to tough turns. It is also home to Trysil’s biggest jump, Night’n.
Aside from fantastic skiing options, Trysil offers dog sledding and sleigh rides, which is something you can’t find at your typical ski resort!

2.) Hemsedal

This next ski resort is one of the most known Norway skiing locations. Located in the heart of the Scandinavian Alps, Hemsedal is home to some serious slopes. With 49 slopes, along 3 summits, and 20 ski lifts, there is something for everyone at Hemsedal! But, many people travel to Hemsedal to experience their world renowned off piste skiing. It should be noted that the off piste skiing locations at Hemsedal pose a strong risk of an avalanche, so skiers should always understand avalanche risks and safety precautions prior to off piste skiing at Hemsedal. It is also recommended that, while guests have the option to off piste ski by themselves, they should ski with a guide on their first couple of runs.
If you spend a few days at Hemsedal, which you should, spend some time doing one of the exhilarating activities they offer other than skiing, such as; dogsledding, horse sleigh riding, or even ice climbing!

3.) Hafjell

Hafjell is Norway’s third largest ski resort! Located near the city of Lillehammer, Hafjell is home to some of Norway’s easiest and hardest terrain. If you are looking for a truly versatile Norway skiing location, then travel to Hafjell, because that’s what you will get. Hafjell is home to four terrain parks; Front yard for kids, BURN Railgarden, Backyard, and Main Park. To begin, the Front yard for kids is the perfect location for your child to learn the basics of skiing.
If you are a beginner skier or an intermediate skier who is looking to sharpen their skills, then head over to the BURN Railgarden. As for the Backyard, it houses terrain for intermediate skiers who just need a little bit more practice and technique before they can move up to advanced skiing. Finally, if you are an advanced or expert skier who is looking for a true challenge, head over to the Main Park. The Main Park is home to some of the best obstacles and terrain in Norway. After all, it has won several titles, such as; Norway’s best park, and one of the world’s ten best parks!
If you have dreamed of being a professional skier, or you have wanted to experience what it is like as an alpine star, check out BMW Skimovie. Located at the top of Mosetertoppen you will find the BMW Skimovie slope. The BMW Skimovie simulates what it is like to be a skiing star. It has a real start port, a mock competition ski slope, and it times and films you! Thus, you can watch yourself ski (which is great for critiquing yourself and sharpening your skills), and even challenge your friends and family to beat your time! Overall, this is a truly unique experience, you won’t be able to find anywhere else—unless you are a competition skier!

4.) Hovden

If you are looking for another fantastic Norway skiing location, which offers something for everyone, then check out Hovden! This Norway skiing location has just shy of 6,500 acres of skiable terrain, and over half of the runs are geared towards beginner and intermediate skiers. Some of the highlights of Hovden are; a 1,377-foot vertical drop, approximately 4,300 acres of night skiing terrain, and two terrain parks. Another great thing about Hovden is that children under seven receive a free lift pass! So, if you are looking for the perfect family ski resort, check out Hovden.

5.) Geilo

The last Norway skiing location is located in eastern Norway. Geilo is another ski resort that is perfect for families! With over 40 runs, Geilo has a combination of smooth and powdery runs for beginner skiers and rough bowls and a generally more challenging terrain for advanced skiers. Thus, there is something for everyone! Aside from the variety of ski slopes that Geilo offers, Geilo is popular for its proximity to challenging cross-country tracks, such as the one that is km and is perfect for people who enjoy Nordic skiing in the evening. Also, Geilo is a popular location for kite-skiing, an extreme form of skiing. Thus, if you are looking for an unconventional family friendly ski resort, check out Geilo.
That concludes our list of the top ski resorts in Norway! As you can tell, although Norway offers a ton of challenging slopes, it also offers a lot of family friendly areas. Thus, Norway is the perfect location for your next ski vacation!


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There sound like fantastic places to go! I love the picture you feature showing the family. I never actually did anything like this with my family. I think they are a bit too old to go skiing with me now but I definitely want to plan a trip to Norway!

I have been in Hafjell,its beautiful :)

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