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Although indoor rock climbing facilities like rock climbing gyms are not closer to the real experience of the mountains, boulders and crags, they are better suited to sports lovers with variegated experiences as well as age groups. They provide an opportunity for people to hone their skills, before taking that final plunge into the tough world of real life live rock climbing and mountaineering. Tougher sports like bouldering can also be practised in these rock climbing gyms, and they provide ample idea to beginners regarding the amount of stamina that is required for such a sport. These gyms also provide a facility of in-house trainers, who are highly experienced in training people young and not so young, with a range of rock climbing experience under their belts. Many of these rock climbing gyms provide an opportunity for training sessions in forms of packages, be it daily or monthly. They also give proper knowledge to adventure sports lovers about the right kind of gear that is required to be worn, the purpose of each piece of equipment, and how best to use that equipment while rock climbing. Rock climbing gyms also rent out the gear that is used for rock climbing and thus help in being easier on the pocket for people who are looking to have a good time at the facilities, rather than seriously pursuing it as a sports activity.
For people who want a round-the-year facility for rock climbing, and are not so comfortably located to the natural options, rock climbing gyms are the place to be in. Let us have a look at some of the best rock climbing gyms in the United States, as well as some other countries.

Woman in One of the most popular Rock Climbing Gyms

Woman in One of the most popular Rock Climbing Gyms

Mesa Rim (California, USA)

One of the recent entries in the world of rock climbing gyms, this climbing centre is touted as perhaps one of the largest in the country. It provides an integration of rock climbing facilities, along with fitness centres, and yoga sessions as well. It aims to provide a complete indoor training facility for its neighboring community and has a well-trained staff who is experienced in every area of service. As per the rules of the gym, a minimum age of 14 years is necessary for using its facilities. The facility also offers lessons in belaying, and great details on how to use the ropes, and the safety practices. The average cost per class, not including a day pass is about 8$.

Gran Pared (Bogota, Colombia)

Said to be one of the largest rock climbing gyms in South America, Gran pared offers many facilities that are relished by adventure sports lovers. Offering a wall which is fifteen metres high, and around a thousand metres of the surface which is climbable by sports lovers, Gran pared is truly a delight for newbies and experienced rock climbers alike. Apart from the wall climbing feature, the facility also houses two bouldering caves for bouldering lovers. The gym has about thirteen lead lines to climb on the wall and also provides training sessions for the uninitiated. Also available to chill out after a strenuous session, is a ping pong table!

St. Peters Indoor Climbing Gym (Sydney, Australia)

St. Peters is labelled as the largest rock climbing gym in Australia, providing over three thousand seven hundred square metres of climbable walls. In some parts, the lengths of the routes extend to even twenty-five metres. Almost five metres in height and roughly two hundred square metre area is offered as a bouldering area by the facility. Apart from this, roped route along the wall number about three hundred and fifty, with an average wall height of around fourteen metres. The main attraction for beginners is a free session offered, which outlines the basics of rock climbing and also tutors about the necessary safety requirements. The centre caters to climbers of all age levels and expertise levels, with even training sessions for advanced level climbers, as per their needs. As per the rules of the facility, children under twelve years of age need to be accompanied by an adult during the rock climbing sessions.

Camp5 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

It is said to the largest rock climbing gym of Asia. Camp5 is located in Selangor, and offers a facility which is twenty-seven metres in height, and with full air conditioning. The facility is a house on the fifth floor of a shopping centre located in Bandar Utama and offers breathtaking views of the entire city. Catering to all age groups, children under the age of eight are allowed a free entry into the facility. For students, who are members of the gym, the cost of a daily pass is about 22 Malaysian Ringitts, while the cost for adults is about 33 Rms. The rock climbing gear is also available for rental from the facility at very reasonable prices. More than a four hundred lead routes, along with boulders and top level are provided at the facility, and the best part for climbers is that the routes do not remain the same for very long, as they are rearranged within a period of three to six months to provide novelty to climbers.

Climbing Works (Sheffield, UK)

The Climbing works rock climbing gym was predominantly started as a bouldering facility, with over fifteen hundred square metres of climbable area. The height of the boulders is about four and a half metres above the surface of landing, and the centre caters to the needs of all age groups. The graded circuits provided in the facility are more than twelve, with every circuit consisting its own boulder challenges. The number of problems can vary anywhere between twenty to forty per circuit, and they are rearranged after almost three months, to vary the degrees and shapes of the boulder walls. This facility also holds lectures and training sessions related to bouldering for all age groups, and also plays host to many competitions in winter. To cater especially the age group of small children, the facility has expanded its operation in the form of Mini Works, a facility targeting the training of younger children to teach them how to climb.

Brooklyn Boulders (NYC, USA)

Brooklyn Boulders is easily one of the best options for boulder and rock climbing in New York City. It is located in Brooklyn, it provides a bouldering experience that is not suited for faint hearted people. The club is about 1800 square feet and was started in the year 2009, from scratch by the owners. The off-peak session costs are about 15$, and the gym provides a comfortable training ground for newbies to climbing as well. The facility also offers private training sessions, as well as private belaying sessions, for a minimum of about two hours. For a group belay session of about five people, the cost turns out to be around 80$

Edinburgh Climbing Centre (Edinburgh, Scotland)

It is said to be the largest indoor rock climbing gym in Europe if the climbable area is anything to go by. Catering to people across all levels of ability, the facility houses walls that can be climbed by all. To the lovers of bouldering, separate area for bouldering is provided, where advanced level climbers can try out their skills. The main route of the facility is about 95 feet, and this facility has housed some of the best rock climbers in Europe, by holding international level championships. To have some time off from the rigours of climbing, the facility offers spa rooms to relax, a cafe, and even a children’s area to play for the tiny tots. Apart from holding World youth championship for rock climbing, this facility has also hosted the British national climbing championships. Thus, this facility sure knows how to attend to both domestic and international audience.

Ice Factor (Scotland)

For the lovers of rock climbing, who want a taste of ice climbing in Scotland, Ice Factor Ice wall is the place to visit. Situated in Kinlochleven, which is highland town, the facility houses over a fifty feet wall of ice. This giant wall of ice has been built using about five hundred tonnes of snow. The process of forming ice from snow is kept as natural as possible, with snow solidifying to form ice, and then thawing, and so on. So the climbers will not feel so out of place while going for ice climbing in this facility. Apart from this, the facility caters to all age groups, with difference experience levels. For people with little or no experience, there is an option to just use normal picks along with crampons, to learn the tricks of the trade on very gentle inclines.. For more experienced ice climbers, the facility provides with many difficult routes, with steps and different angles. The instructors at this facility are very hands on and experienced, and have a wide array of techniques to make the newbies comfortable, and at the same time catering to the requirements of advanced level climbers.

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