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by Prakash Sahni on 10/15/2015 at 03:35 AM

Top 7 Camping Supplies for Beginners


Of course, camping supplies are always one of the first things you think about when planning to go camping. Yet, it is highly possible that you would miss some things during your first camping if you do not arrange them all in advance. This article is aimed to help you with your first camping tour, and the most important camping supplies are listed below.

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1. Sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are perhaps one of the most important camping supplies. Indeed, it is almost impossible to forget about it, yet you should responsibly think about this particular item. Why so? Well, your rest, and therefore, energy and activity will depend on the conditions of your sleeping. There is no reason to tell how will proceed your camping time if you feel constantly exhausted and sleepy, right?


First of all, there are three types of sleeping bags, categorized by their warmth: summer season bags (for over 35°F), 3-season bags (between 10° and 35°F), and winter bags (for the temperatures lower than 10°F). Many sleeping bags are described like “15-degree bag”, for example. It means that a person would feel comfortable if the temperature of the air will not drop lower than 15°F. Nevertheless, if you know you are going to camp to a place with quite low temperatures, it is better to take a bag with a little more warmth to be sure (you can vent your bag in case if it is too hot for you).
The next important aspect of sleeping bags are their shape. Sleeping bags can be rectangular, mummy-shaped, and double wide. Most campers prefer rectangular ones, even though it is a matter of preferences. It is, for example, comfortable to take a mummy-shaped sleeping bag if you know that you will have some backpacking, yet some campers find such bags kind of restrictive.
In addition, there are sleeping bags with different insulation. The majority of campers prefer to buy sleeping bags with synthetic insulation, which can boast quite a good general performance and a reasonable price. Among the advantages of such sleeping bags are: they are less expensive than bags with goose-down insulation, quick-drying, fairly durable, and non-allergenic. Even though sleeping bags with goose-down insulation are more durable, yet the price is noticeably higher.
Indeed, there are exceptional sleeping bags for children and women, and you can look out for them. You may have to look for sleeping bags with special features you may need, such as sleeping bags with stash pockets (for keeping tiny items), sleeping pad sleeves, or pockets for pillows. And, of course, do not forget about accessories for your sleeping bag.


2. Tent. Tent is another item of camping supplies you may need, and you can successfully substitute sleeping bags with it. You may take a tent for two people, though expect to accidentally bother each other in such a case. In order to make your night more comfortable for both of you, you can add one more person to the size of your tent when planning your camping. For example, instead of a tent for two persons buy a three-man one. However, it is up to you; many people prefer to have an own tent to have a comfortable rest and not being bothered by anyone.
3. Sleeping pad. Without any doubt, this item of camping supplies is really essential for ensuring a good rest and a nice camping time. Do not even go out of your house without something soft and nice to sleep on. Apart from the aspect that sleeping pads ensure the quality of your rest, they also insulate you from the cold ground, thus preventing you from getting a cold.
4. Lantern: Indeed, you know that it is going to be not light at all there, yet you perhaps downplay how dark will be there. Therefore, it is better to take a lantern in order to have a dinner with adequate light and illumine the territory. You can look for some LED lanterns, which are easy-to-use, quire bright, and not expensive at all. Besides, you can hang such a lantern from a tree if you bring a little rope with you.
5. Headlamp. This may be another item of camping supplies you need. It is a much more practical thing for the use in camping than a lantern. There is nothing more to add here. Just buy it.


6. First-Aid Kit. Camping is a type of active sport, and so you will need some means from a first-aid kit anyway. Do not forget to put all most important remedies there.

7. Bug sprays and sunscreen. Do not neglect these camping supplies and take them with you. Even if you are going to be outside for just a couple of days, you are going to be constantly outside, leaving yourself vulnerable to different bugs and exposed to sunshine. Both these means will save you from the following uncomfortable consequences.
With the above-listed camping supplies, you may be sure that you will get a memorable time during your camping without major inconveniences.


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