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Canyoning Seasons FAQ

Canyoning Seasons and FAQ

Prakash Sahni - 02/27/2016 at 10:33 AM
Mountain Sports and the Risks Involved
Grand Canyon Hiking

Indeed, mountain sports and conversation about the risks are an essential part in the life of every beginner in mountaineering. Some people like mountain sports because of the solitude it brings, others love to feel the inflow of adrenaline in their bodies, the third category of people love to take a rest from the polluted urban...

Wild Life in Rocky Mountains
Wild Life in Rocky Mountains

  Rocky Mountains, or the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America, stretching from western Canada to the southwest of the USA. They are surrounded by horizons of craggy mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, and wide alpine meadows. Rocky Mountain National Park has over 250 types of birds and mammal species: there’s an always a good chance...

Top 5 Mountaineering Gear

Starting from easy climbing to embarking on Himalayan summits, mountaineering needs varied types of equipment or gear. It can be taken as an extreme sport, or an exhilarating pastime that requires strength and endurance. Lack of experience and inadequate equipment can be the reasons for injury or even death sometimes, so in order to have some rewarding...

Top 7 Mountain Sports

Mountain sports are one of the much-liked sports that take place in mountainous terrains. These sports require special gear and specialized instructions before they can be actually undertaken with safety and security. Starting from easy climbing to embarking on Himalayan summits, Mountaineering needs varied types of equipment, or gear. Mountain sportsmen go into terrain which is not easily accessible as there are higher risks and...