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Prakash Sahni - 02/26/2016 at 01:45 PM
Top 7 Mountain Sports

Mountain sports are one of the much-liked sports that take place in mountainous terrains. These sports require special gear and specialized instructions before they can be actually undertaken with safety and security. Starting from easy climbing to embarking on Himalayan summits, Mountaineering needs varied types of equipment, or gear. Mountain sportsmen go into terrain which is not easily accessible as there are higher risks and...

Top 5 Mountaineering Courses in India
Mounatineering India

Mountaineering is a recreational outdoor activity of walking in natural environments on known paths that are called hiking trails. It is immensely popular in India both with the locals and the tourists, and is, in fact, a great way of not only keeping fit, but also developing mental strength, will, and patience. Lack of mountaneering training can...

Trekking in African Mountains
Trekking in African Mountains

Africa is the only continent with a dry climate and green geographical features. Uganda, Congo, and Ethiopia have the highest mountains in Africa. For example, the Ruwenzori range, situated between Congo and Uganda, is the site for many highest mountains and they are just a few miles in distance. The Mount Kilimanjaro situated in Kilimanjaro range, Tanzania, is...

The Exotic Mountains of Himalaya
Mountaineering expo 2

The Himalayan mountain range is the highest mountain hills of South Asia. It separates India from the rest of Asia. Himalayas are the home of the main rivers of India thatare responsible for providing water to a large part of the subcontinent India. Some highest mountains in the entire world are located in Himalayas, with more than 110 peaks...

Wild Life in Andes Mountains
Andes Wild Life

The Andes are a range of mountains that spread over 4,300 miles along the West coast of South America and divide seven countries. Those are Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. The Andes are the widest chain of mountains in the world that include many of the tallest peaks in the Western Hemisphere....

The Best Trekking Regions in Caucasus Mountains
Mt Elbrus Caucasus

The Caucasus is a mountain range between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea It is considered a part of the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. Geographically, this is usually considered a part of Western Asia, which is adjacent to North-Eastern Turkey and North-Western Iran. Culturally, some portion of Russia and the former Soviet republics are also known as...