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Everything you need to Know about Mountaineering Mount Noshaq

Everything you need to Know about Mountaineering Mount Noshaq

1.) Where is Mount Noshaq located?

This Afghanistan mountaineering location is located in the Wakhan Corridor, which is located in the northeastern region of Afghanistan.

2.) What is the history of people mountaineering Mount Noshaq?

This popular Afghanistan mountaineering location was first mountaineered by Toshaiaki Sakai and Goro Iwatsubo, two members of a Japanese expedition. Sakai and Iwatsubo mountaineered Mount Noshaq in 1960, and used the southeast route. Today, mountaineers usually use the western route.

The first Afghan mountaineers were two, out of four, members of a team of Wakhan Corridor mountaineers. This occurred in July 2009.

3.) Can anybody mountaineer Mount Noshaq?

Anybody can mountaineer Mount Noshaq if they set their mind to it. But, the high altitude and rough terrain of Mount Noshaq, makes this Afghanistan mountaineering location extremely difficult to complete. Thus, only the most skilled, knowledgeable, and fit mountaineers should mountaineer Mount Noshaq.

Mount Noshaq women climbers

Mount Noshaq : women climbers’ camps

4.) What is the highest point of Mount Noshaq?

Mount Noshaq’s highest point sits at 24,580 feet!

5.) What are the risks of mountaineering Mount Noshaq?

Like many mountaineering locations, Mount Noshaq poses a threat of; avalanches, possibly falling from a high altitude, hypothermia, and getting lost or stuck.

6.) How can I prepare to mountaineer Mount Noshaq?

One of the best ways to prepare to mountaineer Mount Noshaq is to practice mountaineering as much as possible. Make sure that you are comfortable with basic mountaineering skills. Spend some time on easier mountaineering locations. Thus, you will perfect your skills and technique. Once you feel as if you have enough skill and experience to mountaineer Mount Noshaq, research the specific safety precautions and risks. If you are planning to mountaineer Mount Noshaq for the first time, look into going with a guide or a group. This will lower your risks, and give you company as you navigate Mount Noshaq!

7.) How long will mountaineering Mount Noshaq take?

The duration of mountaineering Mount Noshaq will vary depending on the group or guide you mountaineer with, and how fast you mountaineer Mount Noshaq. But, mountaineering Mount Noshaq generally takes two days.

8.) Is there anything else I should know about mountaineering Mount Noshaq?

You will need to get permits in order to mountaineer Mount Noshaq. The best time to mountaineer Mount Noshaq is from June to August. But, people have been known to mountaineer Mount Noshaq during the winter.


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