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by Genevieve Schröder on 11/22/2015 at 06:22 PM

Top 5 Mountain Biking Treks in the USA You Need to Try out Now

Mountain Biking Treks in the USA

Occupying a staggering 9.857 million km², the United States of America have so much to offer when it comes to mountain biking treks, and it is easy to see why. With such diverse terrain, whether you’re looking at amber Canyon trails or splendidly vegetated mountain sides, there are tons of mountain bikers who make their way to these tracks on weekends and holidays.













1. Medicine Bow Rail-Trail

Located in Lake Owen, Wyothere is 21 miles of lush and green forest mountain bike treks that are sure to be an enjoyable ride. Although you might need to take it easy as you acclimatize to the 9000 feet elevation, you’ll feel as if you are in untouched, tranquil terrain with plenty of time to build your pace.

2. Bootleg Canyon

Bootleg Canyon, situated in Boulder City, Nevada, delivers a fantastic biking experience. With elevation coming in at 2651 feet, there are over 30 miles of single track. If you’re not that experienced, you can avoid the challenging rocky spots by either just walking your bike down those sections, or go for the trails that are more for novices. You’ve really got any type of trek you’re after there as you can come for a quick trail ride or test your endurance for 4–5 hours. Beware of the though terrain; some find certain areas of the dust, sandy single track dangerous for crashing.

3. Bangtail Divide Trail

Renowned for its smooth single track, this is pure riding pleasure packaged together with spectacular views. Experience the climb up Stone Creek, glide through lush tall grass on Grassy Mountain and some tricky downhill towards the end of your route. It’s the perfect blend of easy cross country trek and technical challenges.

4. Armstrong Saxon Creek and Mr Toads Wild Ride

Totalling at 18.84 miles loop track, this trail makes for scenic views, which are found by following the path that snakes between boulders and tall trees. It provides plenty of strenuous technical challenges with both a lot of climbing and downhill.

5. Deer Creek Trail

Hello, Colorado Mountains! The ultimate here is the P2P track, although it can be done as a loop, but that means quite a bit of riding on tar road, which will take you away from the panoramic views and 10 miles of magnificent single track you’ve been itching for. Be prepared for a lot of climbing and descending, but this 3 to 6 hour trail is definitely worth it.

Have been mountain biking in the USA? Tell us about your favourite treks below!



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