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Parasailing in Miami

Paragliding in Miami

Miami is a city in Atlantic coast of the Southeast Florida, in the United States. It is also known as the “Magic City” as it lures visitors from far and wide. Miami has a mix of the culture of people ranging from Spanish-speaking people to Cuban, to Latin Americans among other people. It is also among one of the most populated cities in America, with a population that currently stands at 417,650.
Miami is surrounded by nice places where one can go parasailing. In the west we have the Florida Everglades, in the east we have Biscayne Bay, then Florida Bay to the north. Below are some of the places you can go and enjoy parasailing in Miami.


South Beach

South Beach is considered to be a very trendy spot and a place where most celebrities and tourists like to hang out. South Beach parasailing is a parasail company that offers parasailing services and a world class experience off the coast of South Beach. From here you can’t miss seeing the Lincoln Road Mall, Ocean Drive, and Lummus Park. It is also a very good sport for fishing and surfing and for people who love to watch the sunset, this can be a very lovely place to be.

Paragliding Miami

Paragliding Miami

At South Beach, you will receive exclusive treatment. Staffed with the professional crew (Licensed by the US Coast guard) who are experienced and very friendly, whose goal is to provide the safest and the immensely memorable experience, will make parasailing in Miami beach unforgettable. The crew prides itself in involving themselves in developing safety standards in the business and ensuring these standards are followed to the latter. The captain and the crew members always ensure that they explain the safety procedures to the people who want to parasail before any take-off and landing is done. They also assist you with the gears before and after parasailing.
Parasailing is a must to do activity especially when you visit Miami. South Beach parasailing is located on the beach right behind the Loews Hotel. For one to get there you have to use the Lincoln road to get to the beach, then about 150 yards facing the ocean you will see Red Beach umbrellas, that is where Miami South Beach parasail is located. In case you come with your car, be guaranteed to get plenty of parking, though at times during the weekend it can be more challenging mainly because the park is usually busier with events and streaming with people.
South Beach parasails have one of the safest equipment which includes parasails, harnesses, mouth flyers bars and sophisticated boats which undergo a rigorous check-up and maintenance on a daily basis. The boats are usually checked every morning when the days starts and at the close of the day every day without fail. It has become the standard procedure for the captain and the crew. The equipment is also checked daily and occasionally the company that manufactures them come for an inspection to check on their standards. This is done to ensure that the safety of the client is put at the utmost consideration.
When engaging in parasailing, the weather is the main factor that should be considered. If you want to experience a great parasail adventure, consider taking it on a lightly windy day with a calm sea. At this point, it is usually safe to take on parasailing. Miami Beach has been involved in this activity for a long time, and that is why through their experience they treat the weather factor with some seriousness because they understand how it can affect parasailing. To this effect, they have ensured that every parasailing vehicle is well equipped with a working XM satellite weather device.This device assists in the evaluation, tracking and forecasting the weather such that if there is a change in the weather it can easily be detected and the crew is informed in due time to take any safety measures.
While parasailing in Miami you can choose your own preference, you can decide how you would like to parasail. There is an option of going single person, tandem rides or triple, which can only be advised by the captain depending on other factors like the weather, the latest performance sails, and the latest platform. During parasail, you will take-off while sitting and land back still while sitting. You can also request the captain that you want to be dipped in water during parasail or remain dry. You will be provided with a life jacket and harnesses. At the end of it, all your experience will be captured by a professional photographer so no need to worry about sharing these eccentric moments with colleagues, friends or loved one in the future.
When Parasailing in Miami through the Biscayne Bay, you will be able to see the following areas too:
a) Downtown Miami
It has one of the world’s largest cruise port at the port of Miami. This place is like the heartbeat of the City where every lively activity and every person can be found. Here you come across a number of shops and stalls. We also have a variety of boats for hire which is used when taking a tour through Miami.
B)Miami Beach
Here it is always streaming with a lot of activities like parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. This beach extends from the Lincoln Road all the way to the 87th Street.
c) Little Havana
Derived from the Cuban word and a home of many immigrants from Cuba, is a place is full of Cuban culture. If you are looking for a place where you can experience some little bit of the Cuban culture, this is the place for you to be. In Little Havana, you will find food stalls along the road, coffee bars, and restaurants preparing sweet dishes to form the Cuba delicacy. During the spring, they usually hold a festival called the Stroll Calle Ocho festival, this is the most enjoyable time to visit the place. They also hold a culture Friday every last Friday of the month and a gallery night show to express their culture and other places culture.
D)Crandon Park
This is a park in the Metropolitan area of Miami which is found in the Northern part of the Key Biscayne. The Rickenbacker Causeway connects it to the mainland of Miami. Placed on a 326 hectares of land, is one place that you cannot afford to miss while in Miami because it is just more than a beach. Most people consider it as a family friendly beach because you can go with your family and have a picnic, enjoy your grills, hold parties like birthdays and even play games like volleyball and football. You can also explore ecosystems like mangrove, natural dunes, sea grass bed among others. On the south end of the beach, there are cabanas that are usually for renting. When you rent a cabana you are allowed a parking space and a picnic table for you to enjoy.
d) Miami Seaquarium
This is like an aquarium but it contains a variety of more that 10,000 species and varieties of marine life. These include even those species that are considered to be exotic and endangered like the dancing dolphins, killer sharks, the mighty whales, sea lions among other. As you are parasailing in Miami you will have an eye bird’s view to these animals or you can even have a one on one contact with them, though under strict supervision.
e) Museums
In Miami, there are a variety of museums you can visit. The tour to the museum is usually very educative, and here you can also learn a lot of this from the science of planet, the physics of electricity, the history of evolution, to the biology in anatomy among others. This can also be an educative place for your kids who you can bring here after having an experience with parasailing.
Parasailing in Miami Beach is offered at an affordable price. One is allowed to parasail for about 30-40 minute and you are given about 15 minutes air time. Children are allowed from the age of five but it is advisable that when you have children below the age of eight they must be accompanied by an adult on the ride. There are a minimum limit and a maximum limit allowed for a ride whether it’s going to a single person or two people. Under good and considerable weather the beach is usually opens seven days in a week.


Parasailing is considered to be a recreational activity for you and your family and friends and not a sport like the paragliding. Parasailing in Miami is a no-miss activity for you and your family because you will never regret the experience. With just a little cash to invest you can have all this fun, visit all these places and have the best time ever. So, if you have never tried it, think about it and give it a shot.


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