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The Best Places for Mountain Sport Tourism


Mountain sports tourism has been steadily growing during the last decades, and many tourists are looking for the places where they can go and test their skills and strength. This article aims to disclose the most popular places for mountain sports tourism, specifically summer sports like hiking and biking. Keep in mind that mountain sports can not only bring you a lot of fun, but also enhance your health and improve your physical state. Now let’s have a look at the best destinations for mountain sports tourism!


Oakridge State Airport

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12. Oakridge, the USA: Oakridge, located in Oregon, is a perfect destination for mountain bikers and people who fancy mountain hiking. The best bike trails you will find in the Town of Oakridge, south of Eugene. This destination in the Pacific’s Northwest boasts a lot of diverse terrains, and therefore, tourists will encounter numerous downhills, mountain climbs, a lot of tree roots and foliage, and rolling hill trails. In particular, this place is perfect for mountain bikers as it embodies a wonderful singletrack which appears to be connected in a net stretching out up to 350 miles. By the way, a mountain biking festival takes place every year here, usually in July or August; do not miss it!



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11. Brevard, North Carolina: Even though it is a common belief that most wonderful spots for mountain hiking and biking are in the West of the United States, North Carolina proves it to be wrong. In particular, it is an ideal place for mountain bikers. It offers 400 miles of biking trails in the mountainous area. In addition, there are also a lot of events connected with the biking theme, which usually take place between April and October.



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10. Tirol, Austria: It is an area with incredible scenery, which offers a huge number of alpine challenges for mountain hikers and bikers. In particular, there are about 1,000 kilometers of spectacular trails. Moreover, you will be able to drop in some café or bar in tiny Austrian towns carefully nestled in the high mountains. Visit Tirol and undoubtedly you will get a lot of fun!


Gobi Desert

9. Turpan (Gobi Desert), China: It does not matter whether you are in love with either mountain biking or mountain hiking, Turpan is a perfect place in any case for those people who love to move downhill. However, be careful about this place: the temperature there is too hot, so it will be reasonable to travel here in October or March.



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8. Breckenridge, the USA: This destination is a dream of every outdoor adventurer. There are thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails in this location as well as beautiful Colorado views filling you with unforgettable emotions. Moreover, the place is surrounded by other mountains you may be interested in visiting. Sounds like a good choice, right?


7. Finale Ligure, Italy: Even though it is a not very popular route among bikers and hikers, it is one of the most beautiful regions in whole Italy. Peaceful, quiet trails offer wonderful perspectives of hills that come close to the coastline. Indeed, sometimes the trails become very narrow and with abrupt turns, so you need to be good at maneuvering. All the rest will be provided for you by this place.



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6. Moab, the USA: Once you have reached Moab in Utah, you feel its unique atmosphere which will make your trip a never-to-be-forgotten one. The Whole Enchilada, which is perhaps the most famous biking trail in the region, offers 26 miles of single tracks for adventure bikers. In fact, this route consists of a few mountain trails, such as Hazard County, Burro Pass, and Porcupine Rim. Do not be surprised to encounter insane downhills there.



5. Whistler (British Columbia), Canada: It is one of the most popular mountain destinations in the world due to its great reputation among mountain sportsmen. This town is located alongside the wonderful western shore and consists of about 100 miles of singletrack. In winter, it is also an amazing place for skiing and snowboarding. Indeed, this mountain is a game of any collection.


Rotorua Hells Gate

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4. Rotorua, New Zealand: New Zealand is a country with beautiful nature, and it should not be surprising that it can boast such wonderful mountains. Steep downhills, quite picturesque scenery – everything is included!



3. Park City, the USA: The Park City of Utah offers you incredible landscape with breathtaking sceneries, where you can go biking or hiking and enjoy the nature. You will be constantly at a high attitude (over 2,100 meters), so you should be aware of it and be prepared. However, 400 miles of various trails will not let you die of boredom.


Upper Mustang

2. Mustang, Nepal: The Himalayas are a must destination for every real mountain sportsman. In addition to climbing the rocks, you can go biking in the foothills of those majestic rocky creatures while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the seemingly another world.



1. Alps Mountains Range, France: The Alps are the main destination for both fans of mountain hiking and most hardcore bikers. Even though trails for biking are most suitable in the French part of the Alps, hikers can enjoy the Swiss and Italian parts equally as well.
Mountain sports tourism is, indeed, a worthy thing, and visiting all the above-listed places will bring you not only memorable emotions and a lot of fun, but also enhance your health with sport activities and fresh air.


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All of these locations look like beautiful places to visit even if you are not into sports.

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