The Top 10 Best Beginner Rock Climbing Courses

Have you ever wanted to rock time, but you do not know where suitable locations are for beginner rock climbing? Maybe you have a little bit of experience rock climbing, but you feel overwhelmed with the plentiful amount of locations you can choose to climb. Well, regardless of your rock climbing interest and experience, we have created a list that will guide you to some of the best beginner rock climbing courses in the world. Continue below to learn about the top 10 locations for beginner rock climbing!

Beginner Rock Climbing

Beginner Rock Climbing

1.) Boulder Canyon

The first course on our list is located in Colorado. As you may know, Colorado is full of outdoor enthusiasts! Between the various options for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, it should come as no surprise that Colorado has some of the best rock climbing courses in the United States! Since Colorado is full of an abundance of rock climbing trails, they definitely have their fair share of beginner rock climbing trails. With over 400 routes and a 5.9 graded terrain, Boulder Canyon is the perfect location for beginner rock climbers who are looking to learn new skills and touch up on their old ones!

2.) Edwards Crack

Edwards Crack is located on Walt’s Wall, which is located in Vedauwoo, Wyoming. Edwards Crack features a two pitch 5.7 hand crack on Walt’s Wall. This is the perfect course for beginners because it has an easy slope with an adequate rating. There are also a bunch of nearby rock climbing courses, such as Horns Mother, which will provide you with a more challenging experience. So, once you feel comfortable with one course, move on to the next!

3.) Frankenjura

Located in Germany, Frankenjura is known amongst rock climbers as a challenging course. But, with over 8,000 established rock climbing routes, there is a route for every level of rock climbing experience! Other things that Frankenjura is popular for are; its limestone, varied route length, and breathtaking forests. Since you have miles of rock climbing tracks to choose from, test your beginner rock climbing skills on easier courses, or challenge them on some of the harder terrain. Overall, the options are endless at Frankenjura.

4.) French Alps

Located in Chamonix, France, the French Alps are a world renowned area that is suitable for all types of mountain sports. Since the terrain is rigid and high, you may think that the French Alps are only for those who are especially skilled in rock climbing. But, like most popular rock climbing locations, the French Alps offer a few courses that are suitable for beginner rock climbers!

5.) Mount Erie

Located in Washington, Mount Erie is one of the perfect locations for beginner rock climbers. While there are beginner rock climbing courses on Mount Erie, which you can complete yourself, Mount Erie offers a specially designed course, dubbed the Beginning Rock Climbing Course. During the Beginning Rock Climbing course, you will be given an introduction to rock climbing, along with a guide. So, if you are looking for the perfect first place to rock climb outside, you may want to check out Mount Erie!

6.) Railay

Located in Thailand, Railay offers some of the most exotic and breathtaking views that any rock climber will ever get to see. Be prepared to spend some time on the water, because Railay can only be accessed by boat. After you reach the shore of Railay, you will see a ton of tall and dramatic cliffs, which sit overlooking the glistening blue water. While Railay does offer its fair share of challenging courses, almost half of the trails are already bolted. Thus, it is easier to clip your gear and begin climbing. Those designated trails are not as rigorous as the other ones, so beginners are welcome to test their skills out there!

7.) Red River Gorge

Located in Kentucky, Red River Gorge is about 2/3 full of sport climbing. Red River Gorge gained a lot of popularity in the early ‘90s. Ever since then, it has been a hotspot for rock climbers of every skill level. Red River Gorge is most popular on the weekend. During the weekend you can expect to climb alongside beginner, intermediate, and even advanced rock climbers. Thus, although Red River Gorge is perfect for intermediate and advanced rock climbers, it does offer a lot of beginner rock climbing options.

8.) Rock Climbing Gyms

Okay, so this is not a specific rock climbing location, but it is perfect for beginners! When you begin any sport, practice makes perfect. Practicing often is the only way that you will become a better rock climber. Rock climbing is an extreme sport, and it can be dangerous. So, for beginners, the perfect location to begin rock climbing is in a controlled environment of a rock climbing gym. So whether you need to touch up on your skills, or you are not prepared to venture outside to climb a high cliff, then check out a local rock climbing gym!

9.) Wye Creek

Located in what’s known as the “adventure capital of the world’ (aka Queenstown, New Zealand), Wye Creek hosts an annual climbing festival every January. Wye Creek sits on a cliff that overlooks a bright and crystallized blue lake—something you could only find in New Zealand. While it may seem as if Wye Creek is only suitable for more experienced rock climbers, there are some trails suitable for beginner rock climbing.

10.) Yosemite National Park

Located in California, many view Yosemite National Park as one of the most breathtaking places to climb in around the world. Since Yosemite National Park is full of humongous domes and gigantic cliffs, it may seem as though it is only suitable for advanced and expert rock climbers. But, beginner rock climbers can try some of the shorter and more even rock climbing trails. Another perk of Yosemite National Park is the park’s history and camping ground. Thus, even if you don’t feel comfortable enough to attempt to climb an area of Yosemite National Park. The experience will be fun and exhilarating!
That concludes our list of the best places for beginning rock climbing! So, whether you are in Europe, or in the United States, hopefully you will get the chance to kick start your rock climbing career in one of these areas!

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