The Top 4 Places to Ski in New Zealand

You probably know New Zealand as a marine mecca. And while New Zealand generally has a mild and temperate climate, along with vast gorgeous lakes, such as Lake Gunn and the Emerald Lakes, New Zealand is home to a fantastic mountainous area. We know that when there is an abundance of mountains, there are great skiing opportunities! Since New Zealand is full of so many mountains, thus a lot of options of where to ski, we have broken it down to the top 4 places to ski in New Zealand. Continue below to check out the top places for New Zealand skiing!

New Zealand Skiing

New Zealand Skiing

1.) Cardrona Alpine Resort

We are kicking off our list of the top 6 New Zealand skiing locations with a family favorite! Located in the Southern Hemisphere of New Zealand, the Cardrona Alpine Resort has been open for 35 years and is one of the premier New Zealand skiing locations. With four terrain parks, spread across almost 900 acres, it should be no surprise that there are a variety of options for everyone! The actual distribution of terrain is as follows; 25% beginner, 50% intermediate, and 25% advanced. Thus, this is the perfect ski resort for people who vacation at ski resorts yearly (if you are one of those people, you are most likely an intermediate skier).
Cardrona Alpine Resort is also home to some of the most pristine terrain in New Zealand. Recently they started using SNOWsat, a GPS snow tracking software, which allows groomers to see exactly where snow is needed. They have also reduced making their own snow. Thus, most of what you will ski on are natural snow!
The reason why Cardrona Alpine Resort is a hotspot for families is the various activity options that they offer. Cardrona Alpine Resort offers family friendly activities that engage and entertain everyone in the group, such as the Alpine by Night Guided Walk, which gives you a tour of the New Zealand mountains, and a chance to gaze at the gorgeous stars, which you would not be able to see anywhere else!
There are a few other things that should be noted about the Cardrona Alpine Resort. One being the unique summer activities they offer, such as mountain carting. Another great thing about the Cardrona Alpine Resort is the website. The Cardrona Alpine Resort website is one of the easiest, accessible, and efficient ski resort websites we have come across! So, if you are interested in more information about the Cardrona Alpine Resort, don’t hesitate to head over to their website!

2.) Treble Cone

This next New Zealand skiing location is the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere of New Zealand! With just under 1,500 acres of skiable terrain, you would most likely assume that the Treble Cone has almost an even distribution of terrain levels, but it doesn’t. With only 10% of the terrain being suitable for beginners and the rest of the terrain evenly distributed for intermediate and advanced skiing levels, it is safe to safe that Treble Cone is geared towards more experienced and skilled skiers.
If you are a beginner skier, then check out the ‘Nice n’ Easy’ surface lifts that are located at the base of the lodge. From there, you can experience soft and powdery snow on a moderate slope. Also, Treble Cone offers, what they call the First Timer Package. If you purchase the First Timer Package, you will get unlimited beginner lift access, a group lesson, a ski hire, and even a scenic chairlift. Talk about a deal!
If you are an intermediate skier, than Treble Cone is the perfect playground for you! Start off by skiing down some of New Zealand’s longest groomed trails, aka the 4km High Street and Easy Rider. If you want a more challenging, yet scenic slope definitely check out Raffles Run (you see gorgeous views of Lake Wanaka). Then, if you are feeling extra adventurous, head over to Saddle Back to attempting to ski down Treble Cone’s rough off-piste terrain!
Finally, if you are an advanced skier, you will fall in love with the Saddle Basin and Summit Slopes. Both ski areas offer wide open powder areas, with organic half pipes, steep drops, and the longest vertical in the Queenstown Southern Lakes District (it’s 700 m)! Once you have conquered the rough terrains of the Saddle Basin and Summit Slopes, be sure to head over to the Motatapu Chutes, where you can experience some of New Zealand’s best backcountry skiing!

3.) The Remarkables

If you are looking for another ski resort that offers a wide range of options for every skiing level, then check out The Remarkables! With just over 500 acres of skiable terrain, The Remarkables is on the smaller scale of ski resorts. But, the overall size of the ski resort, doesn’t interfere with its various skiing options. If you are a newer skier, make sure to stick to the north facing slopes of The Remarkables. But, if you are a more experienced skier, make sure to head over to the backcountry slopes!
Although some of the terrain at The Remarkables isn’t as up to par as the other ski resorts on this, the atmosphere and facility options makes The Remarkables the perfect family friendly ski resort, thus perfect for those who are looking for a low key, yet fun skiing vacation!

4.) Coronet Peak

The last ski resort is a true New Zealand skiing location gem. If you are looking for a quintessential New Zealand skiing experience, book a trip to Coronet Peak. Located just 20 minutes away from central Queenstown, Coronet Peak is home to New Zealand’s largest automated snowmaking system. With just shy of 700 acres of skiable terrain, Coronet Peak has slopes for everyone! If you are a beginner, head over to the large novice area, which is completely separate from the other areas. As for more advanced skiers, check out Coronet Peak’s variety of steep runs, moguls, and open bowls. Oh, and did we mention that you can literally ski all day and through the early hours of the night? You can, because Coronet Peak opens at 8 am and has night skiing until 9 pm. So, you will get the chance to ski below New Zealand’s breathtaking stars!
That concludes our list of the top 4 places to ski in New Zealand! So, whether you are looking for a family-friendly ski resort or a place where you can satisfy your inner thrill-seeker with rigorous backcountry slopes, New Zealand has something to offer you!

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Britanica - Thu Mar 10 19:19:48 PST 2016

Treble Cone is said to be one of the best places just for its beauty. I never been to any of these spots but they all sound amazing. I would love to see some video or pictures from each area. Get myself prepared for skiing for the fist time! haha


Renan Cout - Tue Mar 15 00:38:47 PDT 2016

Amazing text,NZ is very good option to have fun,i loved!!


Prakash Sahni - Sun Apr 03 18:54:56 PDT 2016

Thanks Renat, sure it is great option. Thanks for stopping by :)


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