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Top 10 Mountain Biking Destinations in North America

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Mountain biking is an extreme sport that is rapidly gaining more and more supporters and becoming increasingly popular. Taking the best of nature, mountains, plains, and hills, it combines the passion for both adrenaline and recreation.
The main disciplines of mountain biking are: Cross Country (driving on the circular mountain trail, where the ratio climbing is the same), Downhill (descent down the mountain – the competition on all the ski mountains, and athletes reach the speed of 85 kilometers per hour), Uphill (long climb discipline that lasts for more than 35-45 minutes, with the height difference of 400-500 meters), Freestyle (discipline where people drive on the circular track with obstacles), and Trials (a discipline in which the objective is to cross the trail that is a big hurdle, with the foot lowered to the ground barrier). All these disciplines are competitive, but it is possible to deal with them as an amateur – if you have the will, enough money for a very expensive, exclusively designed bikes, and some of the prerequisites for engaging in extreme sports.

Picking the best 10 mountain bicycle destinations in North America wasn’t the simple task. To begin with, we chose the real destinations: not man-made mountain bicycle tracks but destinations where you can have a real holiday. Let’s take a look!

MTB Destination

MTB Destination

1. Whistler, British Columbia
If you are searching for all sorts of the mountain biking, Whistler is well-known for one of the best downhill mountain parks with the wonderful environment, covered with a great cross country and single-track tracks, like a Comfortably Numb that doesn’t have lift support. Considering the whole region of British Columbia, with local places as Vancouver, Nelson, and Squamish, Whistler would be the best.


2. Moab, Utah
The terms “mountain biking” and “Moab” are almost synonyms, and it’s hard to imagine one without the other. It hasn’t been always the place for it, but now Moab is known for its adventurous mountain biking trails. It is only in the last couple of decades, this western US city has become such a hearth for outdoor enthusiasts. Quickly becoming one of the best mountain biking areas in the world, Moab offers more than just incredible off road ride, it puts visitors right in the middle of a beautiful red mesas and buttes rocks. It consists of a universal terrain that covers loving Canonland arches and national parks, and it is not hard to see why Moab has become so popular. There are trails that accommodate novice mountain bikers, and some with more rocky terrain that is more suited to the experienced riders who want to test their limits. However, beginners can still find many bike trails that fit to their skill level. These riders should make sure that they have a good map, and talk to someone who knows the trails well.


3. Park City, Utah
According to the most relevant authority for this sport, IMBA, this is the first Gold Level Ride Center Destination, with about of four hundred trails, more than 100 restaurants, the best accommodations, and many entertaining activities for all ages. If you want the downhill ride or something heavier with more climbs, you can find it there. Awesome, but accessible trails Mid-Mountain and Wasatch Crest will make your ride unforgettable. You can also rent a bike and any other equipment you need.


4. Crested Butte, Colorado
Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Crested Butte is committed to preserving the pristine landscape and mountain lifestyle. With vibrant Victorian storefronts and expressive local characters, this small town cherishes its heritage and radiates a unique and welcoming spirit. With its diverse landscape, outdoor enthusiasts, from beginner to national champions, every day face a new challenge. You can go mountain biking in the most interesting routes with awesome scenery. The trails are everywhere, and the new ones are being constantly building, especially in the bike park at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Crested Butte is one of the best-kept secrets of Colorado.


5. Downieville, California
Mountains, rivers, and vast wilderness paved the way for the all-season adventures in Northern California. It is not only a cycling territory: you can try many other adrenaline sports there. The biking season lasts all year round in the most coastal areas, but winters are normally snowy, and mountain bikers have to deal with coastal rain. Downieville is a town that you can’t miss, because when you travel to this city you are intending to ride along through about 500 mountain bike trails. Fill your lungs with fresh air, riding through the forest over tiny stone covered trails.

6. Fruita, Colorado
Fruita, Colorado, is ideal for those who is seeking the thrill of the hard base. This mountain bike Mecca offers numerous routes that extend for over several hundred kilometers. The longer trips are designed to get your heart pumping and your fitness level raising. However, if you are aiming to lose a few pounds over a short period of time, biking through this great place will help. If you are a newbie in mountain biking, you can go at 18 road routes. This route is ideal for real beginners, and also allows cyclists to enjoy the pure beauty of Colorado.


7. Santa Fe, New Mexico
The capital of New Mexico is known as the “Special City” due to the fact that in its architecture, cuisine, and art Hispanic, Anglo-American, and American-Indian cultures are mixed. The sports enthusiasts can go mountain biking almost all year round, from March to November. But before you plunge into any active form of relaxation, allow yourself to acclimate. It is a picturesque place in the footer of the Sangre de Cristo, located at an altitude of 2100m of elevation. All around the city, you can find awesome single-track, and everyone will find the right track for yourself. If you are an expert, then you should go to the Atayala Mountain, but if you love downhill, go to Winsor Trail. Considering other things that this city offers, this place is a perfect place for one great holiday.


8. Brevard, North Carolina
After long deliberation between the sea and the mountains, the choice fell on the mountains of North Carolina, Brevard, with scenic views, where the sun wakes you with a ray of light through the curtains.
Brevard city is surrounded by rolling hills and forest belt. First, you can enjoy the amazing view of the mountains surrounded by thick woods, where you can’t hear there any traffic noise, barking dogs, or neighbor conversation. This a place of famous waterfalls, and people come here for different types of holiday, but the most for the mountain biking. The entry into the forest is free, and the park is organized with parking, visitor center, toilets. All the paths in the forest are well marked. There are a hundred of miles of demanding trails near Pisgah National Forest, including most popular Black Mountain and Laurel Mountain. Also, there is an easier single track for not much-skilled bikers, located on the opposite side of Brevard.


9. Banff, Alberta
In the Rocky Mountains of Canada, there is one of the most beautiful places on the planet – Banff National Park. It is a world of beautiful nature and amazing landscapes, looking at which one can forget the sense of time. The dense fir forests and majestic mountains, rocks of bizarre shape – all these delights of wildlife surround the town of Banff, which is conveniently located in the province of Alberta. Luxury shops, hotels, and comfortable sports facilities in this wonderful city make it a great place to relax at any time of the year. When you are riding a bike through the great trails in this park, you can see the real wildlife, and especially animals like grizzly bears. There is the best single track in Canada – Jumping Pound Ridge.


10. Sedona, Arizona
Located in a geological area that has fascinated tourists for decades, in the highest part of the Sonoran Desert in northern Arizona, Sedona is blessed with mild summers and winters, plenty of sunshine, and clean air. Considered superior to many national parks, the community reflects the beauty and harmony of the natural environment, creating opportunities for a wide variety of outdoor activities, and the one of it is mountain biking. For an excellent day trip, drive 100 miles northwest to visit the Grand Canyon, one of the greatest national treasures of America. At the resort, you can relax in your tub with bubbles, or curl up by the fire. Many shops and restaurants make Sedona a full retreat. If you are looking for a slick rock like Moab or a single-track like Friuta, but with the awesome landscape, then you should go to Sedona. There is a large number of trails for everyone, from the beginners (Bell Rock Path) to experts (Hangover Trail).


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