Top 15 Paragliding Spots in Asia

Paragliding gives you more than just the experience of flight, but also perfect interaction with nature, a freedom of space, and unbelievable excitement. Unlike other extreme sports, paragliding can provide more challenges and a higher level of adrenaline for lovers of extreme sports.
There are many great spots for paragliding, even in Asia. Here is our list with the best 15 of them:


1. Phuket, Thailand

Paragliding in Phuket, Thailand

Paragliding in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Island gives flyers the rare opportunity to see the enchanting blue of the sea and the coast from above. If you are a beginner, you should not be afraid, because you can always hire professionals take will take the fear away from you. It is impossible to convey the feeling of the flight in words –it’s necessary to experience the breathtaking sensation and the joy of flying over the beaches of this fantastic country.

2. Pokhara, Nepal

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

There is no traveler that would not like to soar over the majestic Himalayas and enjoy the stunning panorama with a bird’s-eye view. Paragliding in Nepal offers a truly unique experience, because only in here will all the glory of the peaks of the highest mountain in the world appear before you. More than that, you won’t just fly like a bird, but you can fly right alongside the biggest birds in Nepal, following the airflows.

3. Bir Billing, India

Paragliding in Bir Billing, India

Paragliding in Bir Billing, India

Billing, the best paragliding site in India, and one of the best in the world, is located in the Kangra valley on the slopes of Daulagar. The last years have been held as pre-PWC. Guaranteed relatively mild conditions make it easy and fun to fly on routes of 50-100 km. There are several professional paragliding schools with conductive certified courses of paragliding. Paragliding in India was established around 1984, when the International Rally of gliding was held there. Paragliders considered Birmong as the best place in the country, as it has a record range.

4. Western Tian Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Paragliding in Western Tian Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Paragliding in Western Tian Shan, Kyrgyzstan

The tour program is carried out in the resort areas of Western Tien Shan: the tract Beldersay at the nearby area of the peak of Big Chimgan. These places are very well-suited for flying, and are well-known by the pilots, who are willing to share with you the necessary information. The weather around the mountains allows pilots to fly long and safe almost all year round, because the number of sunny days is 300, and the daily and seasonal wind direction is generally stable or well predictable.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Paragliding in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Paragliding in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The numerous amount of hills within the vicinity of Chiang Mai make for a beneficial area where you can fly. Companies operating in this sector offer options for individual flights if you don’t have any experience, and you can take a course on a paraglider. The package includes transportation from the residence to Lamphun, a suburb of Chiang Mai, and back.This flight is a great opportunity to contemplate, while taking in the amazing view of the surround area from a bird’s-eye perspective. During the flight you will be able to see all the beauty of Chiang Mai and its surroundings. You can also easily find transportation to return, and start a new adventure.

6. Charvak, Uzbekistan

Paragliding in Charvak, Uzbekistan

Paragliding in Charvak, Uzbekistan

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, in Central Asia, it is also possible to perform amazing paragliding. If you like different and beautiful destinations, going to the former Soviet republic could provide for a very interesting option. The climate in the mountains of Uzbekistan allow good flight conditions during most of the year, and there are various main schools of paragliding which allow you the freedom to choose dates for the classes.

7. Great Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan

Paragliding in Great Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan

Paragliding in Great Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan –

Kyrgyzstan is a country located between the Uzbek deserts, the steppes of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and western China. Throughout the territory are the great mountain ranges of the Tien Shan and the Pamir Mountain with their three peaks that are over seven thousand meters: Pobeda, Lenin, and Khan Tengri.
95% of the country is comprised of mountains, and it is a completely new and unexplored paragliding haven. Part of the Great Silk Road runs through the country and we can find traces of it as well as we contemplate the pharaonic buildings of the Soviet period that is the contrary of the nomadic life point.

8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has rapidly become one of the best paragliding destinations in the world. On the way down you will see a floating artificial peninsula with its own private beach, the tallest building in the world, and the archipelago of the Islands of the World.

9. Ella Adventure Park, Sri Lanka

Paragliding in Sri Lanka is still completely new as a sport, founded just over ten years ago.
There is a great hotel around 200 miles from the Colombo in the center of the Nuwara Eliya, where you can stay and then go to Makaldenia ridge, which offers a unique panoramic view provides for an unforgettable paragliding experience.

10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the newest paragliding destinations, which is becoming more and more popular over the years. The small rural villages have some great paragliding start spots. Doi Inthanon National Park surrounds the tallest peak in the country, which is one of the best paragliding destinations.
This country is also a perfect place for trekking. That, in combination with paragliding, will make for an awesome experience. However, it is not recommended to visit the place in the Monsoon season, because the weather will limit your flights.

11. Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat – a small Vietnamese town, nestled in the mountains away from the worn tourist trails running along the Vietnamese coast. Located at an altitude of almost 1500 meters, it has always attracted tourists with its coolness and the opportunity to take a break from the sweltering tropical heat. There are a lot of great paragliding spots. Near Ho Chi Minh, the little town of Dalat has become the main paragliding center. This place offers great opportunities to fly over the beautiful landscapes, and even while new to the sport, Vietnam has become a very popular destination for paragliding.

12. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi gives the opportunity to experience a different paragliding experience compared to Chiang Mai. The long and beautiful sandy beaches and the incredibly clear blue water there will certainly amaze you. Phi Phi island is also visible, and lies just off the coast. This is one of the top Asian paragliding destinations, because there are many launching spots on the cliffs along the coast.

13. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu – on the island of Borneo –  is a very noisy and crowded location near the the threshold of the famous National Park Kinabalu. The highest point of the park (4084 m) is Mount Kinabalu: it is the highest point in Malaysia and a mecca for climbers and paragliders. The excellent view during the flight over the beaches and rainforests provides the ultimate paragliding experience.

14. Boracay, Philippines

The awesome Boracay Island offers the limited paragliding opportunity, because its length is only around eight miles. But that surely isn’t a reason to give up on this place, because this island provides spectacular view of the coastal cliffs that you can’t even imagine. This sport is relatively new there, but the new sites and training centers will surely appear there in the near future.

15. Bali, Indonesia

It is located on the Bukit Peninsula, in the south of Bali, with the coast of steep cliffs, stretching along the foot of a narrow beach. Because of this, the wind blows from the ocean, runs into obstacles, and rushes up, creating updrafts strong enough to float up the wing. During the dry season, from May to October, the Bali wind blows from the eastern direction, and the sky above Bukit displays a dazzling collection of colorful paragliders.
The great thing about paragliding in Bali is that you don’t fly over the fields or the slopes of mountains, but high above the ocean. The great view impresses everyone: the endless blue expanse, and the whimsical riff, which is perfectly visible through the crystal clear water, emerald fields, golden beaches, and meandering paths running through them.

If you have your own equipment, you can come to Bukit and fly as much as you want. If you have never held a sling in your hands – don’t worry, everything is possible in Bali! There are instructors with years of experience who can provide you with a tandem flight. It’s even better than flying alone – you don’t need to be distracted by the controlling of the paraplane, and all your attention can be devoted to the greedy absorption of the great scenery. The first thing to remember is to not be afraid to take the first step into the ‘abyss’ – go fearlessly, and then sit on a comfortable “hammock”, chatting with the instructor and admiring the natural beauty. The most daring of fliers can ask the instructor to perform some extreme maneuvers if they are skilled, so you can feel some of the intense spirit of paragliding.
Tandem paragliding lasts about 20 minutes – quite enough to get a feel for the weightlessness of flying while relaxing and enjoying the experience.


And what are your favourite spots for paragliding in Asia? Share your ideas in a comment below!

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