Top 5 Greatest Mountaineers in Asia Part 2

Leading in a race and maintain that position is one of the most vital things one can do; that is why most of the most prolific mountaineers decided to pick on mountain climbing not only as a sport, but also their career. Their encompassments have really stunned the world, making them the pace setters in mountaineering. Having a great fervor in adventure and touring to various top scenic view is actually their main impetus in keeping the fire burning in achieving their goals. Conquering the height of one summit is never enough for them: they will always yearn for a more challenging heights to actualize their goal.

1. Chhurim Sherpa


This is a Nepalese woman whose acquisitions in mountaineering has been hailed by her name being recorded in the Guinness book of Record: no wonder she tops in our list of the top 5 mountaineers in Asia! She is well known for setting a record of being the first woman to climb Mount Everest twice within the same season. This was actually a formidable tour de force on her side. Her passion in adventure is actually her main source of instigation in achieving her goal.

2. Maxime Chaya

This is a sportsman and mountain climber who hails from Lebanon and is well known for his astounding contrivance in mountaineering. Some of his accomplishments include climbing the seven summits. His passion in adventure and exploring also motivated him to walk all the way form middle east to South Pole on foot!

3. Hayatullah Khan Durrani

Nazir Sabir (left) and Hayatullah Khan Durrani (right)

Hayatullah is a Pakistani whose set various humongous records and accomplishment in mountaineering. He is well known for promoting and supporting mountaineering activities as a sport back in Pakistan. This has game him honorary awards, such as the pride of performance award. He has also established various organizations that support mountaineering, such as the Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan (CAAB). He is also well known for raising the Pakistan national flag on every mountain he climbed: this makes him one of the highly celebrated mountaineers not only in Pakistan, but all over the world.

4. Leila Esfandyari

Lela was an Iranclimber, where she has set appalling record of going against the odds by being the first woman to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat. Other summit she has reached was the K2 summit. Her passion for rock and mountain climbing led her to write her wish: whenever she falls during mountain climbing, her body should remain there. Up to now, her remains still remain in the Karakoram Range of Himalayas, where she slipped and fell 300m down the peak in 2011.

5. H.P.S. Ahluwalia

This is also one of the highly celebrated mountaineers in India and even the world, well known for his greatest achievements in participating in Ski Expedition in Mount Trisul and the Trans-Himalaya motor expedition. Having acquired maximum skills from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute made him reach the summit of Mount Everest and Sikkim. At the moment, he is the head of various mountaineering organizations, such as Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Delhi Mountaineering Associations, and others.



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Rochelle Ann - Tue Feb 16 15:13:15 PST 2016

These people are amazing! Climbing the mountains not just as sport. They neither climb the highest peak just for fame, but climb because it's their passion. They deserve the honor entitled to them.I salute these people.


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