Top 5 Places to Mountaineer in Asia

As Earth’s largest continent, it should not be a surprise that Asia is home to some of the most physically demanding, yet breathtakingly beautiful, mountaineering locations. Since Asia is the largest continent, there are thousands of suitable mountaineering locations. To minimize your search, we have narrowed it down to the top five Asia mountaineering locations!

Mount Khuiten

Mount Khuiten

1.) Mount Khuiten

Located in Mongolia, this Asia mountaineering location is Mongolia’s tallest peak! Sitting at 14,350 feet high, Mount Khuiten sits on the western edge of Mongolia. Thus, it borders China and Russia. This Asia mountaineering location is not for the faint of heart, or for beginner mountaineers. The reward of mountaineering Mount Khuiten is a breathtaking view of the towering brown mountains, and the vast green field below.

Mount Taman Negara

Mount Taman Negara

2.) Taman Negara

The next best Asia mountaineering location is the oldest rain forest in the world! Located in Malaysia, the Taman Negara is home to towering points, dense trees, and a variety of rare mammals. The highest and most popular point in Taman Negara is Gunung Tahan. When mountaineering near Gunung Tahan, mountaineers usually use Kuala Tahan or Merapoh as there beginning points. Finally, some of the popular and rare animals in Taman Negara are the; Malayan tiger, Malayan gaur, and Indian elephant!

Mount Khammouane

Mount Khammouane

3.) Khammouane

This popular Asia mountaineering location is usually completed during a two day trip. Located in Laos, the Khammouane province is home to three popular Asia mountaineering areas; Phou Hin Boun, Nakai Namtheun, and Hin Nam No. But, the most popular is Phou Hin Poun. Many mountaineers tour Phou Hin Poun with the company, Khammouane Ecoguides. During the excursion, you will navigate through Phou Hin Poun’s vast caves and strong rapids. Thus, mountaineering Phou Hin Poun takes a lot of skill!

4.) Rinjani

Located in Lombok, this Asia mountaineering location is situated along a volcano and the Segara Anak, a crystallized lake that fills the crater. The first person to ever take mountaineers to Rinjani was “Mr. John”. That was well over twenty years ago, but Mr. John now owns John’s Adventures. One of the premier excursions of John’s Adventures is a three day mountaineering expedition. After all, who could show mountaineers around better than the man who started it all?

5.) Mount Kinabulu

This last Asia mountaineering location is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia! Located in Malaysia, Mount Kinabul is home to some of the most varied botanical and biological species in the world. So along with the high altitude, you will experience rare flora, fauna, and animals you wouldn’t normally see from the comfort of the mountaineering location near your home!

That concludes our list of the top five Asia mountaineering locations! From the list above, you can tell that the mountaineering locations in Asia are some of the most diverse and rigorous mountaineering locations in the world. So, are you skilled and brave enough to navigate through one of these locations?

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