Top Cities to Paraglide in and around Los Angeles

Top Cities to Paraglide in and around Los Angeles

Located in California, Los Angeles is popular place for tourists to get the Hollywood experience. While Los Angeles is home to celebrities, it is often overlooked as the perfect area for outdoor spots. In reality, Los Angeles is more than hills of plastic surgeon offices, celebrity sightings, and gorgeous beaches. Los Angeles is the perfect place for hiking and mountain biking. Along with hiking and mountain biking, Los Angeles is also the perfect location for paragliding! Since there are a ton of hills and other adequate locations for paragliding in, and around, Los Angeles, we have decided to create a list of the perfect places for paragliding Los Angeles!

1. Avenue S

Avenue S
Avenue S

This first location is located under an hour away from Los Angeles. So, while Avenue S will not give you the perfect Los Angeles paragliding experience, it will give you an experience close to paragliding Los Angeles! Located near the mouth of a mountain pass that is situated between the Mojave Desert and the valleys near the sea, Avenue S is an extremely windy place to fly. But, if you have enough experience and skill to fly Avenue S, you will get the chance to see some gorgeous views of mountains and the city below the mountain. The take-off and landing zones are pretty easy to find and access. Also, the only flight restriction is you cannot fly above the houses, so just stay near the mountain. Other than that, Avenue S is the perfect paragliding location if you’re looking for a challenge!


2. Blackhawk


Another paragliding Los Angeles experience, without actually being in Los Angeles, can be found at Blackhawk. Drive just under an hour to San Bernardino, where you will find Blackhawk. Light winds and a high launching point makes Blackhawk the perfect location for intermediate paragliders. When you descend expect to see gorgeous views of the valleys below, the nearby Big Bear Lake, and a few hills that are close by.

3. Calabasas


Calabasas, aka Kardashian Kountry (see what I did there), is not only home to the Kardashian empire, but is home to a ton of valleys and breathtaking scenery. Located in Los Angeles County, if you are looking for a quintessential paragliding Los Angeles experience, then check out Calabasas. While there isn’t a specifically special launching area in Calabasas, there are a few that are used by the Malibu Paragliding Club. One of those said areas is located off Mullholland Highway. Paragliders can expect to glide off a high hill overlooking the town of Calabasas. This location is popular for beginner paragliders. Other paragliding locations around Calabasas usually include soaring over multiple Calabasas hills. Who knows, while paragliding Los Angeles in the Calabasas area, you may catch the glimpse of a Kardashian.

4. Corral Canyon

Located a short distance from Pepperdine University, Corral Canyon is considered to be in the Greater Los Angeles area. Have the Los Angeles paragliding experience of a lifetime by paragliding Corral Canyon. The location sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and is surrounded by a vast amount of trees. If you could dream of the perfect paragliding Los Angeles location, this would most likely be it. This location is also often used by the Malibu Paragliding Club.

5. Deer Creek

Another Los Angeles paragliding location situated right along the Pacific Ocean is Deer Creek. Deer Creek is similar to, yet not as popular as, Corral Canyon. Since Deer Creek is a relatively unknown area, it is recommended to fly with at least one other person.

6. Del Cerro

If you are looking for the perfect paragliding Los Angeles experience with more of a mountain than ocean scenery, check out Del Cerro! Located near Long Beach, the paragliding location sits right at the edge of Del Cerro Park. While launching off of Del Cerro will provide you with a smooth ride and breathtaking mountain views, you should be aware that it is fly at your own risk. The regulations are known to change periodically. Currently, you need to launch left of the park at 200’, in order to avoid being arrested. As for landing, the Trump Gold Course allows you to land in their designated public area.

7. Henninger Flats

While Henninger Flats is not a paragliding Los Angeles location, it is located near Pasadena, which is often considered Los Angeles’ twin city. Henninger Flats is one of the more popular locations for paragliding near Los Angeles. Full of sand, trees, and multiple valleys the skyline you see while paragliding Henninger Flats, tops it all. As for the landing, aim for far out into the canyon (since it is less populated and sandier there). If you are interested in paragliding Henninger Flats, you should be aware the regulations frequently change, and you should be cautious of aircraft and helicopters flying around this area.

8. Kagel (Sylmar)

Located near the Los Angeles Mission College, Kagel is another area where you can expect more of a mountain paragliding Los Angeles experience, rather than an ocean view paragliding experience. The take-off and landing are in grassy and open fields, thus they are relatively easy. Although the terrain is perfect for beginner paragliders, the location is home to some strong thermals. Thus, Kagel is the perfect location for intermediate paragliders. Once in the air, you will see a ton of gorgeous mountains in the Los Angeles area, along with the small town that is nearby.

9. Lake Elizabeth

Close to Avenue S, Lake Elizabeth is a gorgeous paragliding location full of dark mountains, sparse land, and of course, Lake Elizabeth. Paragliding Lake Elizabeth will most likely make you forget you are in California, since the scenery resembles something you would most likely experience in Arizona. Take-off from the top of the mountain that sits across from the lake. The best time to paraglide Lake Elizabeth from this spot is when the wind is coming from the south. You can land either at the base of the hill or in the parking lot near the lake. But, locals tend to prefer to land at the base of the hill.

10. Mount Lukens

Mount Lukens is a paragliding location right at the edge of the Greater Los Angeles area. This location is frequently used by the Sylmar Hang Gliding Association. Mount Lukens is a gorgeous mountain sitting between the San Gabriel Mountains and the SoCal town of Glendale. Not to mention, that Mount Lukens is the home to the highest point of elevation in the Greater Los Angeles area. So, if you are looking for a high elevation to descend from and practice your tricks and skills, head up to Mount Lukens.

11. Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson is another mountain that is located among the San Gabriel Mountains! Mount Wilson is one of the better known mountain peaks. With a top elevation of 5,712 feet, you can still gain some great height and experience a lot of exhilaration, like you can on Mount Lukens. When paragliding Mount Wilson, expect to see the edge of the Pacific Ocean and parts of Downtown Los Angeles. So, if you are looking for a similar paragliding experience as you would receive on Mount Lukens, check out Mount Wilson!

12. Point Mugu

Located near Malibu, Point Mugu is another popular paragliding location in the Greater Los Angeles area! From the take-off area at Laguna Peak, you will soar near mountains and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. One thing that paragliders should be cautious about is Point Mugu is located near a military site, so there are a couple of flying restrictions. These flying restrictions include; you can only paraglide during the weekend, and you cannot fly past the PCH. So, if you are interested in paragliding Point Mugu, check up on the restrictions, before planning to the location.

13. Saddle Peak

Another popular location for the Malibu Paragliding Club, Saddle Peak is located in Malibu. This location sits right near the Pacific Ocean! Between the usually smooth conditions and fantastic California weather, Saddle Peak is the perfect paragliding location to fly in year round. The Santa Ana winds during the winter months make this location have the perfect amount of strong winds, and also contributes to the strong thermals. You can take-off at one of the five launches, and you land on the gorgeous Malibu beach. Since the slope is steep, and the winds tend to be stronger, Saddle Peak is more suitable for intermediate and advanced paragliders.

14. Tuna Canyon

Tuna Canyon
Tuna Canyon

Another location in Malibu, Tuna Canyon is home to some of the best hiking trails in Southern California! So, if you love to hike, as well as paraglide, this is the perfect location for you! Tuna Canyon sits near the Pacific Ocean, so while you paraglide down the canyon, you will see a gorgeous widespread view of the location, along with the rest of the Malibu canyons. Since the Santa Ana winds tend to cause stronger winds, this location is perfect for intermediate paragliders.
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced paraglider, there is a paragliding location for you in the Greater Los Angeles area. Some of the Los Angeles paragliding locations provide you with the true western vibe of sandy terrain, and vast canyons, while other locations will give you the overwhelming sense of what California is about, gorgeous beaches. So, whether you prefer to paraglide along mountains and canyons, or beaches, this list has proven that Los Angeles, and the area around it, is home to some of the perfect terrain for extreme outdoor sports!

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