Top Ten Rock Climbing Destinations in India

Top Ten Rock Climbing Destinations in India

India is a country with diverse terrain. Moreover, we can say that, it is not a country, but a heaven, starting from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala. As expected, it has several types of landscapes surrounded within its border. Thus it makes India one of the most popular tourist destinations. This ideal topography also provides ample opportunity for rock climbing, which in other hand is adding some extra penny in Indian Economy by making those places, a perfect rock climbing zone and attractive tourist spots. There are many places, which are marked as perfect for rock climbing. Among those, the top ten destinations for rock climbing in India are:

Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley
Parvati Valley

It is a very rocky valley, situated in the town of Bhuntar, in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh in North India. This valley is covered with alpine flowers. It is also having very rocky outcrops which ensure that one gets ample opportunity for rock climbing, thus making it the favorite trekking location. People gather together to this place just to take part in the favorite rock climbing voyage held frequently at this region. The valley cuts a steep-sided Gorge through the mountains. As altitude increases, the wide coniferous forest makes way for patches stippled with boulders. The valley goes up gradually to Pandupul where two extremely rocky bridges cross the Parvati river, the main attraction of the valley. As per the myth, these bridges were created by the gigantic strength of Pandava, the great mythological brothers.

Miyar Valley

Miyar Valley
Miyar Valley

The valley with the rank 2 in top ten rock climbing destination list of India, located in the in the heart of great mountains, situated in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by the Zanskar and Ladakh, another two major hills for trekking as well as camping, thus making this valley an incontrovertible choice for rock climbing freaks of India and abroad. It is also known as the “Valley of Flowers”. Lush forests with snow covered peaks, the spunky rivers, and colorful, tiny villages are the main attraction of the valley apart from the landscape preferable for rock climbing. Miyar Valley’s breathtaking beauty and the friendly rock climbing landscape is definitely something one never wants to miss out on.

Sar Pass

The third best rock climbing destination is also situated in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is on the lap of ‘Parvati Valley’ only. There is also boundless, immeasurable opportunity for rock climbing and rappelling in Sar Pass trekking routes. The pathway is beautiful and the scenes are astonishing. The paths covered with snow never daunt the hard core rock climbers in coming here every year to join the rock climbing trips. The major reason for the frequent trekking expeditions is the opportunity to rock climb in this area. Summer season is the best time to come away to live the beauty of the nature over here as well as for a memorable and exciting rock climbing and trekking experience.

Shey Rock

It is a treat for the mountaineers to climb the Shey rock which is situated in Jammu and Kashmir during the summer months. This place gets lots of visitors as it is the only place for climbing in Leh. The beautiful and unique rock formation adds to the beauty of the place. Shey Rock is ideal for basic climbers. Besides rock climbing visitors can also indulge in sightseeing. The scenic beauty of this place is mesmerizing and one won’t get bored visiting this place multiple times.


Madhugiri, also known as Maddagiri is located in the Tumkur district of the Karnatake state. This place is famous for the giant rock. Located at a height of 3930 feet, it is one of the favorite places for the rock climbers. A fort which is situated in one of the steep slopes is also a major attraction among the visitors. The beautiful fort has an interesting history. Many stories revolve around it. A series of doorways from the fort lead to the hill. Madhugiri is also the second largest Monolith in Asia.

Pythal Mala

This hill which is 1371.6 meter above the sea level is situated in Kerala near the Kappimala village. This place is ideal for rappelling, rock climbing and similar activities. Located in the Western Ghats, Pythal Mala is full of greenery. It is also one of Kannur’s highest peaks and thus a haven for rock climbers. People from different places come here to take part or witness the regular expeditions which are conducted annually.


33 km from Bangalore, Savanaduga hill is one of the largest monoliths in Asia. This hill is 1226 meters above the sea level. The rocky outcrops and the rich granite add to its scenic beauty. Trekkers from all over India visit this place to taste the beauty of this hill. This place is ideal for rappelling and rock climbing.


Ramnagara hills or Ramnagar located in Karnataka is a favorite spot for the trekkers and rock climbers. This South Indian hill is ideal for technical rock climbing. Only professional trekkers and climbers attempt the ascent. Rocky outcrops can be seen everywhere around here. The popular peaks include SRS Betta, Ramadevara Betta, and Thenginkalbetta. There are many short granite hills in the place which are good for basic climbing.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is situated in Maharashtra. This lush green hill is ideal for amateur rock climbers. Hiking, trekking and other activities are carried out here. It is a good place to learn all these activities. The beauty of this place increases during the monsoon season. Malshej Ghat is full of forts, caves and temples which is worth a visit besides carrying out rappelling and rock climbing.



Hampi is a famous UNESCO site. Also known as Bouldering Capital of India, it is the country’s top most bouldering and rock climbing spot. People from all over the world come here for carrying out these activities. The whole place is covered with boulders made of granite. Anywhere between October and February is ideal for visiting this place.

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