Top 12 Mountain Biking Gear That You Should Carry

Top 12 Mountain Biking Gear That You Should Carry

Mountain biking is a quite extreme and intense sport thar requires you to constantly have the necessary gear whenever you are on your bike. Therefore, you should always take the items from the following list in your journeys, which will not only facilitate you during your mountain biking trips, but also may prevent unnecessary, unpleasant accidents. Let’s find out what gear you need in your mountain biking trips.

1. Hydration pack

Hydration pack
Hydration pack

Indeed, no one would argue with the fact that it is an essential item of your mountain biking gear. They can quite vary in their characteristics: tube compatibility, pressurized or not pressurized hydration system, ease of cleaning, the type of riding, etc. Nowadays, hydration packs are quite in demand due to the two following purposes: a hydration pack carries your water (hydration packs may range from 70 Oz models up to 100 Oz models; the latest are more versatile and much more suitable for mountain bikers) and allows you to put there all the following things from this list.

2. Mini-pump


It is an unoubtedly necessary thing for your mountain biking journeys. In fact, you can buy them at almost any retail outlet or bike shop. Look for a small, light pump, which can also be with a gauge; it is preferable if your pump features a gauge so that you could make sure that your tires are inflated well.

3. Spare tube

Spare tube
Spare tube

Don’t want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, walking alongside the mountain biking trail with a flat tire and having a lot of hours to go still? Always have a spare tube in your every ride. It is an undoubtedly irreplaceable item.

SRAM PowerLink
SRAM PowerLink

 This thing is really one of the most important items you should  have in your pack while you are on your way. In the case of breaking a chain somewhere on the biking trail, PowerLink will be, for sure, the first thing you will think about. You can find it in many online shops for just a few bucks.

5. Tire Levers

You will need good tire levers to arrange the tires of your bike in case of getting a flat tire. Just take it.


6. First Aid Kit

This one probably does not require explanation. After you or someone else got in a wreck, this simple set will be fairly helpful.


7. CO2 cartridge

You may need this item in case you do not want to fuss a lot over empty tires or tubes somewhere on the trail’s side.

8. Spare Derailleur Hanger

Spare Derailleur Hanger
Spare Derailleur Hanger

Perhaps, any bike features a fungible derailleur hanger. In case your bike collides with a rock or something, or one of your fellow bikers met an accident, the derailleur hanger is probably the first to get broken. Such hangers are placed on the back triangle of your bike’s frame, and you can easily change them while staying at the trail’s side.

9. Multi-tool

There is, perhaps, no mountain biker (and biker in general) who does not have this item on them. This convenient, tiny tool is almost all you need for repairing your bike while staying on the side of the trail. Yet, there are different types of multi-tools, and you must look for the multi-tool that suits your need before making any purchase.

10. Nutrition

There is perhaps no point to say that you burn a lot of calories while enjoying your hobby. Purchase best electrolytes that will fuel you up with energy and keep you hydrated while on your way to the finish line. A good option is to use gels and blocks (bars), many of which contain caffeine. On longer rides, it is preferable to take sandwiches with honey and peanut butter.

11. ID Card

This tiny card may also be quite helpful. In case you get a serious wreck, people may need to know where you came from and who you are. Besides, it can be a vital item for personnel of hospitals and public transport (you can take public transport with it). So just take it.

12. Electrolyte Pills

Some companies produce electrolyte pills that will keep your legs working and prevent you from fatigue. It is a good option for staying fresh.

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