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Best Winter Resorts for Ski in Switzerland

Ski in Switzerland

One of the dream destinations of any skiing lover is Switzerland. With images of the snow covered Alps in mind, all ski lovers, whether amateur or professional eagerly wait for the day when they are able to Ski in Switzerland. Known as paradise on earth, among its many names, Switzerland is one of the major spots for organized winter sports, as well and individual holidays.


The Alps stretch across central south region of the country, and cover a massive area of about 60 percent of the country. Alps are the abode of almost a hundred mountain ranges, with each mountain touching a minimum of about 4000 metres. The alpine range plays host to a number of glaciers, and this provides an additional tourist opportunity in the form of glacier skiing! The neat and well organized economy of Switzerland is reflected in the manner in which its ski resorts are maintained as well. It is almost impossible to find an untidily managed resort in the country. The ski resorts so developed retain the originality of the alpine atmosphere, at the same time provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience to its visitors.

Ski in Switzerland - Family Trip

Ski in Switzerland – Family Trip

Following are some of the popular winter resorts to Ski in Switzerland, and by no means they are the only ones providing a surreal experience to ski lovers.


Verbier – Any visitor who wishes to Ski in Switzerland, must visit the ski resort of Vervier atleast once. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Swiss Alps, and is located in the Valais region where French speaking is predominant. Although, it is more famous for its steep slopes, which require some level of expertise, Verbier provides a skiing experience to a variety of tourists ranging from novices, to moderately experienced, to professionals.


Grindelwald – Not to be confused the character Grindelwald of Harry Potter series, it is a resort located in Bernese Oberland, and almost gives the impression of being a city in itself rather than being a ski resort. It offers a range of facilities from restaurants, discotheques, bars and even traffic! It also offers affordable staying options for tourists, and it is for this reason that Grindelwald is used as a sort of basecamp to Ski in Switzerland for further Alpine adventures.


St. Moritz – To Ski in Switzerland, and to not visit St. Moritz can be classified as a crime in the skiing social circuit. It is a crown jewel of eastern Switzerland, and is the best resort among all the resorts of that region. More than French, St. Moritz offers an Austrian flavor to its visitors. It is a place where glamorous and rich people visit for holidays, and soak in the luxury and beauty that this place  has to offer. It is not without reason that it gives a feel of presence of Hollywood in Switzerland. So if you are running low on budget, then this place might just be a little bit of bounds.


Arosa – Arosa is one of the contemporary ski resorts and is a favorite of yound crowd to ski in Switzerland. This resorted is located in a part of the country which is somewhat isolated, and provides a skiing experience for ski lovers who have an intermediate level budget. It has more of a country side feel to it, with vast stretches of meadows, ideal for lovers of nature. Athletes who have good experience in skiing, will be delighted by some slopes that this resort has to offer, as the drop in those slopes is more than 1000 metres.


Zermatt – Matterhorn is the Switzerland’s highest photographed mountain, and this resort is located close to that. This is known as the party resort of Swiss Alps, and is much known for its late night revelries and drinking parties. Vispa river flows near to the town, and extent of the resort is almost two miles across. It is one of the upmarket resorts to Ski in Switzerland, and at the same time offers a feel of old time mountain village with farming and a bit of wild. It offers a scenery that is simply outstanding, with no traffic! However, to ski here is more suited for intermediate and advanced level atheletes, rather than beginners.


Davos-Klosters – In the region of Graubünden, lies the highest resort of Switzerland. The mountain range of Davos, plays host to crowd which is more fahionable in nature, as the town holds the annual World Economic Forum, and also located here is the Institite for Snow and Avalanche research. Thus to Ski in Switzerland, one of the major areas is the region of Davos. Immediately interconnected to the twon of Davos, is the Klosters ski resort. The resort of Klosters offers a more picturesque backdrop as compared to Davos, and also more refined. Klosters hosts the royal family of Britain as one of its visitors, and even has a cable car named as ‘Prince of Wales’. Klosters is one of the resorts that offers a good time to families with children. Klosters is also one of the major destinations for snowbaording, and also hosts a Snowboarding School.


Saas-Fee – Saas Fee is one of the Swiss resorts to offer a glacier to ski with round the year snow,, making it one of the best places to Ski in Switzerland. It more peaceful compared to other ski resorts, as cars are not allowed in this area. Electric cars are plied in the area to feery tourists from one place to another. Saas-Fee is in the valley of Saas, and is one of the highest and the largest villages located in the valley. It also reveives consistent snow throughout the year, with one of the highest rates, and for this reaosn is also known as the snow trap. This resort presents well balanced facilities with a nice blend of modern and historical looking accomodations. The town of Zermatt, which is its neighbor, was almost like Saas Fee almost three decades ago, but it now has become more louder and and bigger with time.


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