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by Prakash Sahni on 10/03/2015 at 12:46 PM

Top 7 Mountain Sports


Mountain sports are one of the much-liked sports that take place in mountainous terrains. These sports require special gear and specialized instructions before they can be actually undertaken with safety and security.

Starting from easy climbing to embarking on Himalayan summits, Mountaineering needs varied types of equipment, or gear.

Mountaineering Courses

Mountain sportsmen go into terrain which is not easily accessible as there are higher risks and dangers, such as bad weather, mudflows, avalanches, rock falls, and icefalls, that’s why some special security measures must be taken to mitigate these type of risks while climbing the mountain.

Mountaneering is an engaging and exciting activity that helps not only keep feel, but also develop mental strength, will power, and patience. Mountain sports are rather diversed and have plenty of interesting options to choose from. Let’s take a look at our Top 7 Mountain sports!

1. Via Ferrata Climbing
Via Ferrata climbing is a protected climbing route, which is found in the Alps mainly. This is a steel cable that runs along the route and is sporadically fixed to the rock. Thus, climbers can secure themselves from fall.
Via Ferrata offers a means of experiencing dramatic positions to access the difficult peaks, and can be seen as a distinguished step up from ordinary mountain walking.

2. Ski touring
Ski touring is a type of skiing: typically, skis and boots help for free movement of the heel to enable a particular walking pace.
Ski touring and ski mountaineering have become popular with mountain lovers as a way to spend time in the hills. It is being adopted by alpinists. Ski touring can also be easier than the summer hiking in some mountain terrain

Snow Shoes

3. Snowshoeing
As its name suggests, snowshoe is a footwear for walking on the snow. Some snowshoes have a hardwood frame, and some have lightweight metal. In the past, snowshoes were very important tools for fur traders, forest rangers, to avoid frequent snowfall. Nowadays, snowshoes are used mainly for recreation by hikers. Snowshoeing is easy to learn, and is a relatively safe and inexpensive activity.


4. Hiking
Hiking is a recreational outdoor activity of walking in natural environments on known paths that are called hiking trails. There are two types of hiking: day and overnight hikes. High boots, water, compass, and a hiking pole can be suggested to be taken with the hikers. Light backpack with the survival kit, water, food, and medicine for overnight hiking should be also kept well.


5. Mountain biking
As its name suggests, mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles over rough terrain, with specially designed mountain bikes with increased durability and performance in rough mountain terrain. Mountain biking can be different, like cross country, trail riding,  downhill, and dirt jumping. Mainly it is classified into two categories: Trail and Cross Country riding styles.
This sport requires endurance, strength and balance, bike handling skills, and, of course, confidence.


6. Trekking
Trekking is a longer journey that is to be undertaken on in the areas where usually no means of transport available. It is not exactly mountaineering; rather it can be seen as walking for a long time in terms of a number of days. Trekkers usually walk in challenging environments in hills, and treks take longer than hikes and are more energetic and intense.
Trekking is immensely popular in the Himalayan foothills in Nepal.


7. Canyoning
Canyoning is outdoor activities which include traveling in canyons: it can be walking, climbing, scrambling, jumping, rappelling, and swimming, usually in remote places.


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