Let's climb the rocks!

Hi there, thank you for showing interest in our touring packages. We are a very knowledgeable mountaineering company working expensive trips throughout the world.

We specialize in planning customized personal and group trips to mountains globally. If you need well-organized, but an entire journey where you’ll have the opportunity of meeting those who build, organize and lead many of the trips, then we are the business for you! We provide fantastic tours at very low prices and our excellent name for quality, environmental responsibility safety, and all-around satisfaction is unprecedented. Come along for the best touring experience of your lifetime!

Our Philosophy

Our tours are meant to be genuine research for guests who are fascinated about knowing the terrains instead of just “viewing it” on the surface through a bus. Our perspective is "sporting to keep fit" because we provide you with the best of skiing, paragliding, mountaineering, hiking, etc. at a less expensive cost as a group, while also helping people to make any side trips they wish to do on their own.

Who are our target clients ? targets easy-going, open-minded individuals, who have a positive mindset, seeking out new encounters and appreciating the sporadic challenge to their goals. They didn’t travel abroad just to accomplish everything exactly as it is in their home country. Otherwise, they wouldn’t travel! Irrespective of your touring experiences and fitness level, if you have the desire to go then, we are ready to have an outing that fits you.

Why travel with us ?

Our local, qualified touring experts are passionate about traveling and client care within each of the locations we function in. This valuable local knowledge allows us to point out only the best spots on your custom-made trips and provides you with professional, personal guide throughout the tour. It is these little components and customized touches that make your holiday with us both exclusive and private.

Freedom to make your unique routine

We know everybody has their traveling style, and that is the reason we work with you to map out a personalized routine which is ultimately meant to fit all your needs as well as your desires.

Genuine actions

We make sure you enjoy a traveling encounter that gets far beyond any typical tourism. You’re going to get a feel for our lifestyle, make friends and go back home with unforgettable experiences.

Hassle-free travelling

From beginning to end - we are all in control. You only need to sit back, rest and get pleasure from discovering these areas of the world during your holidays. Once you validate your journey with us, we will provide an available 24/7 assistance if required. Let us partner you on a stress-free touring encounter.