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Top 15 Mountain Biking Destinations Around the World


Mountain biking is a very thrilling outdoor sport for those who love nature and fitness and want to feel the real adrenaline rush. There are so many destinations around the world with various types of mountain biking tracks, an extensive range of difficulties, barriers, and landscapes. Whether you use a mountain bike in order to achieve sports results or because of the pure enjoyment, it’s a great way to stay in great psycho-physical form.
Depending on your style and level of your skills, choose your dream destination from our top 15 list of the best mountain biking destinations around the world.

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1. Alps Mountain Range, France
When you talk about mountain biking whether as a sport or recreation, the Alps are the first destination that comes to your mind; however, the tracks there suit the bikers with the best skills. The mountainous region of Chamonix, Morzine hills, makes biking very harsh, so the Alps tour the biggest challenge for cyclists as well as greatest enjoyment.

2. Mustang, Nepal
If you are a very experienced in mountain biking, the Himalayan foothills are a great place for you. You will enjoy on the ride by the one of the best tracks called Lo Manthang, which leads to the Mustang city, admiring to ravishing landscape and nearby culture. The best start of the ride is close to Annapurna, or near the airplane terminals in Jomsom or Kathmandu. But if you want to ride through this beautiful scenery, the permit will cost you $500 for ten days.

3. Park City, Utah, USA
Before the start of your adventure in the Rocky Mountains, you need to be adapted to high altitudes: 2.100 meters of the city’s elevation could be very hard for someone with no such experience. The stunning landscape of more than 400 miles of well-marked tracks make the ride unforgettable. Prospector Area is one of the best places you should check.

4. Rotorua, New Zealand
New Zeland is an awesome country, and it is no wonder that it is one of the best mountain biking destinations. The surroundings of Rotoura have a lot of options for the beginners and experts, like XC trails and downhill courses. Bikers can ride there during the whole year. Also, this place is a very affordable, and the great thing is that you can relax your tired muscles after the ride in thermal hot springs near the trails.

5. Moab, Utah
This is the largest place for the mountain biking in the world. In Moab, you will find a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers with a different experience level: from beginners, who are looking for a scenic ride through the beautiful canyons, to the most experienced cyclists, who are looking for an ultimate challenge. Moab is well known around the world for its most demanding trail, Slickrock. This challenging 9.6-mile trail is considered the biggest cycling experience. Moab, however, also contains a large number of easy and striking bike trails. Let’s say, Bar-M Loop Trail, for example, offers different types of terrain and breathtaking scenery near Arches National Park.

6. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Whistler is one of the most favorite mountain biking places in North America, and for sure, one of the best in the world. There are more than a hundred tracks to check, and the city is situated next to the stunning west coast of British Columbia. This place is also a great skiing destination, and bikers can use it for climbing to the higher altitudes. If you are a beginner, it is great to start with Whistler Bike Park, where the trails are made from the easiest to the most difficult. Williams Lake and Fraser River are also great places to ride.

7. Finale Ligure, Italy
Finale Ligure is a relatively new mountain biking destination, but it is a beautiful place to ride in Italy. Finale Ligure Bike Park is made up of individual tracks, and although this term is used very recently and almost every resort it claims to have it, in this case it is really true. Finale Ligure has a lot of unique trails, so if you choose freeride descending, you will see the trails of your dreams. There are trails almost on every hill, and each is better than another. Finale Ligure is a track not only right by the sea, but you can see the mountains in the background. The range of slopes is great: from forest land to rocky. This place is perfect for a great mountain biking!

8. Turpan, Gobi Desert, China
One of the favorites of downhill ride is Turpan and the mountains that surround it. Many people travel to Beijing, and then they with about three hours’ drive come to Turpan. Considering that it is a desert and the summer temperatures are very high, the perfect time for biking adventures are in March and October.

9. Breckenridge, Colorado
It offers breathtaking views of the Tenmile Range, miles of trails, and clear water. As the locals say, one track you can especially enjoy is Blue River Trail. The trails in the Blue River area can be used by any cyclist, but you must be careful, because there are also the beginners that practicing their skills uphill, medium experienced practicing driving downhill, and the most experienced ones that do both. The trail offers many challenges, but it is the best for gaining self-confidence for beginners and even the most experienced bikers.

10. Brevard, North Carolina
The best mountain biking tracks are not only on the West Side of the USA. Brevard is saturated in Colorado, and it is a very popular place for mountain biking; there are about 400 miles of trails. Dupont State Forest offers the single-track trail system. Also, there are many bike-themed events in the Bracken Mountain Biking.

11. Tirol, Austria
Tirol is one of Europe’s top regions for cyclists. The paths of the total length of more than 5,000 kilometers that lead through the Tirolean world of pastures and mountains. Moreover, in some places there is a lift for bicycles. Cyclists in Tirol can find several regions where hotels are specialized for cyclists, and for guests there are available guides, service stations, maps, and cycling centers. These are regions Kitzbühel Alps Nauders, Reschenpass Ötztal Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis, Silvretta, Paznaun, Stubaital, Wipptal, and the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena.

12. Oakridge, Oregon
Situated in the foothills of the central Cascade Mountains, Oakridge is a real heaven for the mountain bikers. Oregon is a fantastic destination with some of the great tracks near Oakridge. Mountain trails in Oregon offer a huge variety of terrain, and usually with a lot of trees and roots. And the best thing is a single-track trails of about 350 miles long. Also, there is a mountain bike festival every year in July and August.

13. Yungas Road (“The Death Road”), Bolivia
Exotic Bolivia hides some pretty dangerous places. One of them is called ‘most dangerous road in the world “, the Yungas Road, via which you arrive from La Paz to the Amazon. The road is 69 kilometers long, and leads across and down the hill to the town Coroica. This place is a legendary track for the mountain bikers because of the dangerous trails and beautiful scenery with mountains and rainforests. Indeed, a favorite destination for adrenaline lovers! But besides the enjoyment, you have to be extremely careful there.

14. Cliffs of Moher (“Cliffs of Insanity”), Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, named after the tower of Moher, which once adorned Hags Head, the westernmost point of the cliff and the state itself, located in the Irish province of Clare, above the Atlantic Ocean. You will certainly feel the adrenaline and excitement riding on barely half a meter wide pathways, along the unfenced cliffs 200 meters high on the right, with the wind that blows from all sides, barely keeping you on the ground.

15. Gas Plant, Taipei (Taiwan)
This is probably the shortest track, only 3km long, but it is heavy and the most demanding. The trail, for sure, is for someone with great skills, because there are many ascents, slopes and stationary rocks, and dense vegetation. A lot of people think that traveling to Taiwan for just 3km of ride with beautiful landscapes and a lot of awesome trails is definitely worth it.


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