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by Prakash Sahni on 12/06/2015 at 05:09 AM

Skiing Do’s and Don’ts

Skiing Do’s and Don’ts

When you munch on you burger and chips in privacy, nobody cares, however there is certain etiquette you follow when seated inside a McDonalds. You also have skiing etiquette and straightforward do’s and don’ts where skiing is concerned. A die-hard skier will tell you that half the fun is keeping peace on the slopes. Let us  share some skiing etiquette tips with you to ensure you remain a happy skier!

Ski do's and don'ts

• Even though you are outside, it is not regarded as cool or good etiquette to light up your pipe or cigarette in the chairlift.

• Never ever stop in the middle of a slope, whenever you want or need to stop for whatever reason. Pull up to the side and only stop in an areas where you are clearly visible.

• If you simply cannot ski, please do not line up with the pros. Pick up pointers first, or ski with beginners, who are all the same level as you, or go for skiing lessons.

• Give the skiers right of way when they are in front of you. The person behind is the responsible person, even if a front skier cuts you off. Remain predictable at all times and allow people to pass, without crisscrossing and not giving them an inclination of what you will be doing next.

• Speed control is important. Take your antics to appropriate trails, and when passing slower skiers, be respective and slow down a bit during overtaking.

• For everybody’s safety and wellbeing, including your own, always remain within your skill level and do not pick skis that you know you cannot handle. You will only humiliate yourself, be discouraged at the end of the session, or look stupid.

• Then also do bend your ankles and don’t lean forward!

• Keep the safety and wellbeing of others on the slope around you also into consideration.

• Have the freedom to have fun and just enjoy your skiing!


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Thanks for the advice! I would have made a lot of mistakes if I hadn't read this. I feel much more prepared and confident now.

There's a lot of important information here for people of all skill levels to follow, but I do have a couple here that stand out to me. 1. Remain within your skill level! If you're a beginner, then stay with the appropriate trail and don't let overconfidence get in your way. 2. Never worry about other people who might be laughing at you. I think it's also important to include the opposite of that as well, though: don't laugh at other people. We're all there to have fun!

I think these are great tips! Skiing can be very dangerous if you are not in control of what is happening around you, right?

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