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by Prakash Sahni on 10/03/2015 at 11:38 AM

Itinerary for the Blue Mountains Ski Season

Mountain Skiing

Ski mountaineering is grown in popularity to spend time outdoors. It has been adopted by skiers and alpinists to avoid the high costs of traditional alpine skiing at resorts.

Touring includes navigating through potential avalanche terrain and requires familiarity with meteorology as well as skiing skills. Ski touring can also be easier than summer hiking in some of the terrains, helping traverses and ascents. Skis are used to access backcountry alpine climbing routes, where at times snow is off the technical route, but still covers the hiking trail.


If you’re looking for a getaway that actually has it all, look no further than the Blue Mountains, New South Wales in Australia. In spite of your getaway plan, Blue Mountains provide an abundance of ways to make the most of your days, from adrenaline pumping peaks attractions to family satisfying events and amusement. Undertake gravity fed fun on the slopes, or go down into a calming spa experience.


When the Europeans arrived in Australia, the Blue Mountains had already been populated for more than a few millennia by the Gundungurra people, who are now represented by the Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation, based in Katoomba. It is a non-profit organisation representing the Gundungurra traditional owners, promoting heritage and culture, and providing a support for Gundungurra people connecting back to Country.

So what’s the itinerary for Blue Mountain Ski?
Travel around the snow caves at Jenolan Caves. Note that this is quite an extended way from the Blue Mountains, and is most likely a full day matter. If you don’t have a van, you’ll need to join a bus trip.

Blue Mountains Cable Cars

There is a number of paths you can take in the mountains to experience them, where the trails are well marked and well traversed. You can trek from Echo Point to the Scenic Railway, down the steps at the Three Sisters, and take the Scenic Railway back to the top. These ways have mobile reception, and you will have no problem following the trails. There are shorter paths at Echo Point too.


Get down at Katoomba station and go along the main street into the town. Once you reach there, you might want to visit the Paragon, an art deco cafe that has fantastic handmade chocolates and great food to offer.
You can take a trolley bus from there, that goes from Katoomba to Echo Point and then to Scenic World.
From Echo Point, one can do various treks including the Giant Stairway to the Scenic Railway. Not for the weak hearted, The Scenic Railway will bring you back up to the top of the Gorge: the only train that runs at an almost vertical angle.

Although getting over to the scenic world of the Blue Mountains is only for the bravest, the real adventure that lies there makes it all worthwhile.


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