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by Prakash Sahni on 12/05/2015 at 04:09 PM

Top 5 Ski Gadgets

Ski Gadgets

If you think strapping two planks to your feet and rocketing down the mountain slope is all it takes, think again. Skiing has come a long way, and just as you get a gadget to tell you the level of vitamins or calories you are eating, you get a ski gadget that does more. Well, perhaps, it will not count calories, but who cares; you are burning calories on the slopes anyway. Gear advancements continue and snow accessories go above and beyond comprehension; toys, and gadgets galore to make your experience even better.

Ski Gadgets

1. Oakley Airwave 1.5 Snow Goggles

Oakley Snow Goggles

Take Oakley’s, combine them with Google Glass, and you have a pair of Airwave 1.5’s. They are the “smart” snow goggles that look as great on the outside as the technology they have inside. You get a heads-up display that does not interfere with your vision, which gives you all the data you want. From jump analytics, elevation and speed, music info, messaging that comes from your smartphone, the exact location of your fellow skiing friends. It comes with a lens swapping option that enables you to choose between fog and sun.

2. ScotteVest Hoodie

scottevest hoodie

It might not technically qualify as a ski gadget, but when you check it out, you will thank us. Made from microfleece, the ScotteVest Knowmatic Hoodie has interior cord channels that will withstand a blizzard. All your gadgets, cameras, phones, portable batteries are in its own pocket.

3. Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet

The only helmet you will ever need in connected sportswear. It has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth synchronizing wit any smartphone, and it answers calls or pipe your music. It comes with built-in fog lights to light up slopes, and what is even greater, a 1080p camera that captures your ascent and descent up and down the mountains. It also comes with impact and motion sensors to track activity and safety in your area and around you. Then you can also keep track of trails conquered with its GPS capabilities. This helmet is battery powered and lasts between six and eight hours.

4. BearTek Bluetooth Snow Gloves

They are all weatherproof with two different modules, which are interchangeable. The camera module, or the Wireless Sync, and Bluetooth module. It works with a finger touch system, with various points on the glove that wirelessly give you access to your cameras, media, music, and control of your smartphone. While skiing you will be able to answer phone calls, capture skiing pictures or video, or listen to music. What is great is that it comes with full 80 + hours’ battery life, which is rechargeable.

5. Helly Hansen H2FLOW Thrym Ski Jacket

This jacket offers you insulation, protective waterproof breathability, and an airflow venting system rolled into one. This combination of technologies allows for much more efficient body tem regulations, regardless of climates or conditions. With the use of H2FLOW technology, it is much thinner than a regular bulky and heavy ski jacket. It furthermore uses eight goose-down pods that provide warmth strategically, with heat funnels towards the jacket’s back collar and the spinal cavity.

Do you have any ski technology favourites? Tell us in a comment below?


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Awesome! I'll have to look into purchasing at least a couple of these items. Thanks for the heads up.

Those snow gloves look awesome! Seriously, I immediately looked them up after reading that and I'm pretty anxious to get my hands on them (no pun intended). I could see myself using them for so much more than just skiing. Thanks for this list - the hoodie looks pretty cool as well!

I tell you one thing, if I was a regular skier, those bluetooth enabled gloves would be the first thing that I purchase.

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