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Trekking and Climbing the Ural Mountains


The Ural Mountains, commonly referred to as Urals, are mountain ranges that separate Europe and Asia. They start from from the coast of the Arctic Ocean, which is on the North of Western Russia, then go right across to the South of Western Russia across and along the Ural River, eventually turning to the North-Western side of Kazakhstan in Asia. Urals are rich in mineral resources, including precious and non-precious stones, coal, and metal ore.

Trekking and climbing is a popular and exciting activity in the Ural Mountains. One thing that stands out while trekking in this ranges is the uncomparable scenery and the variety of flora and fauna.

Ural Mountain

Ural Mountains

Backpacking in Russia is quite a popular cultural activity done by the locals, and it is, in fact, in Russian people’s nature. For centuries Russians have been backpacking and climbing mountains for pleasure, religious, or cultural reasons.

To trek Urals successfully, one has to have a great set of legs, stamina, and mental strength. The distance covered is very long, and the further you go, the further you depart with civilization. However, the experience cannot be parallel by any other because of the immense beauty displayed. The ranges teem with life; apart from the forests and plants, there’s a variety of animals, birds and insects for you to watch while trekking.

The great thing about trekking in Ural Mountains is the unpredictability that comes with every climb. Nature there is untouched, and it is the true master of the area, so you find yourself hand in hand with it as you cover the distances.

Trekking in the Ural Mountains requires one to go with guides who will be with them through the journey. There are times when natures or the weather changes the landscape and the routes, and it requires that a guide shows you around the terrain.


Depending on the route one takes, a trek can take from a few weeks to months, and so it is essential that one goes prepared with food, gear, and a sleeping bag. Basically, one should carry all the camping gear they need.
It is important too to ensure you go with a professional guide who has good judgment, can quickly adapt to sudden situations, and will take good care of you.

Ural National Park

One should be aware of risks like weather changes that occur from time to time in Urals. With regards to this, one should check with their guides to ensure they are booked in for a great season where trekking is possible. Changes can also be in the rivers because of overflowing, and at times they may be low. Some rivers sometimes change into rapids, too.

The Ural Mountains is undoubtedly the place where the fantastic adventure lies. Go ahead and book your flights!


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