Canyoning Seasons and FAQ

We have covered everything from the various kinds of skiing to paragliding. But, we haven’t discussed the popular sport of canyoning. So, if you are wondering what canyoning is, or you want to learn a little bit more about canyoning, then check out this list of everything you need to know about canyoning. We cover everything, from the basics like, what canyoning is, to the specifics, like what are the canyoning seasons. So, take a few minutes to learn everything you need to know about canyoning!

Canyoning and Canyoning Seasons FAQ

1.) What is canyoning?

In the most simplistic terms, canyoning is the activity of exploring a canyon. In a more detailed explanation, when you go canyoning, you can expect rappel, raft, jump, hike, climb, and navigate through a canyon and all of the obstacles that are in the canyon. In other words, you combine various aspects from a variety of mountain sports and apply them when traveling throughout a canyon.

2.) What is the history of canyoning?

Unlike most outdoor sports, canyoning is relatively new, and we do not know much about it. To begin, during the 19th and 20th century, Alfred Martel, a French explorer of abysses and underground rivers, was the first person to actually go canyoning, and reference it as canyoning. Once the word spread of what Alfred Martel was doing, outdoor enthusiasts caught wind of it and began practicing it as a sport. From then, canyoning became increasingly popular. It should also be noted that canyoning is also referenced as canyoneering and kloofing.

Canyoning Seasons

Canyoning Seasons

3.) Is canyoning safe?

Like any extreme outdoor sport, canyoning definitely poses its risks. But, if you make smart decisions while canyoning, and are skilled and educated in canyoning, you should be safe. Since canyoning poses its risks, you should be aware of the hazards of canyoning. To begin, a general hazard of canyoning is the close impossibility of escaping the side of a canyon, in the case of an emergency. Most likely, you would not be able to escape from the sides of the canyon, so you would have to complete the run. Also, since escape from the sides is almost impossible, receiving rescue from the sides is also almost impossible. A rescue team would most likely come from the route you came from, so it may take longer for a rescue team to reach you.

As for water hazards, you should always be aware of high water flow and flash floods. Both of these conditions could trap you underwater. Another thing to be cautious of is heat exhaustion. Most canyoning locations are in a region where temperatures are extreme, so either extremely hot or extremely cold. You should always remain hydrated, and be able to recognize heat exhaustion or hypothermia in yourself, and others you are canyoning with. Finally, be cautious of narrow areas. If you have to climb in an extremely narrow area, it can be difficult, and your skin could get caught in an area, which could cause an abrasion.

This is just a general overview of the hazards of canyoning. If you are serious about canyoning, please take the time to research and learn about the hazards of canyoning in the specific area that you plan to visit.

4.) Do I have to be in shape?

Yes. Canyoning is an extremely strenuous activity. You have to have a variety of skills and techniques. Also, you have to be able to adapt quickly to an abrupt change of terrain or the overall environment. Overall, while anybody can go canyoning, it may be easier and safer for someone who is in shape.

5.) Are there any age restrictions?

Unlike many other extreme outdoor sports, canyoning does have age restrictions. While there are age restrictions to canyoning, it varies among different countries, and even different canyoning routes. Since canyoning can be extremely strenuous and risky, it usually isn’t recommended for kids. If you are interested in going on a canyoning trip with a group of people, whose ages vary, you should research the specific age restrictions of an area of you choosing prior to booking the trip.

6.) What are the canyoning seasons?

Canyoning seasons will vary among different locations. While there are a ton of different canyoning seasons, the general canyoning season is typically from December to March. The best time of the year is specifically from late January to early March. Thus, since canyoning seasons are different among regions, you should research the specific canyoning season of a canyoning area you are interested in.

7.) Do I have to go canyoning with a guide?

Yes and no. Honestly, it depends on the area that you go canyoning in. Some routes will require you to go canyoning with a guide, other areas will give you the option of going canyoning by yourself, or with a guide. If you are newer to canyoning, you should always go canyoning with a guide. Also, if you are unfamiliar with an area, you should go canyoning with a guide. You should only go canyoning without a guide once you have a lot of experience, skills, technique, and knowledge of how to navigate an area.

8.) What equipment do I need to go canyoning?

While specific equipment you will need will vary from the area that you go canyoning in, we will provide a general guide to canyoning equipment. When canyoning, you should have; a wetsuit, specific shoes for rock climbing or bouldering, a harness, carabiner, and descender for climbing, a knife, a helmet, ropes, a rigging bag, and water tight containers.

9.) Do I need any experience to go canyoning?

While you do not need any experience to go canyoning, canyoning will be easier if you already have skills from another extreme outdoor sport. For example, if you have experience mountaineering, rock climbing, and/or hiking, then canyoning will most likely be easier for you than someone who has never participated in an extreme outdoor sport.

10.) Where can I go canyoning?

While there are suitable places to go canyoning all across the world, some of the best places to go canyoning are; Arenal Volcano, Cape Town, and Lake Garda.

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I went to the grand canyon once when I was a kid and the people there were basically just taking pictures. They would stand there for like 10 minutes, snap some pictures, then leave. Actually going canyoning sounds so much more thrilling!


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