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Top 15 Paragliding Spots in Asia

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Paragliding gives you more than just the experience of flight, but also perfect interaction with nature, a freedom of space, and unbelievable excitement. Unlike other extreme sports, paragliding can provide more challenges and a higher level of adrenaline for lovers of extreme sports. There are many great spots for paragliding, even in Asia. Here is our list...

Three Reasons You should Visit Hobbit Village in Dalat, Vietnam

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When I discovered this Hobbit village, I felt sortof mixed of happy and sorry for that I had been in Dalat for over a year now; but still, I didn’t know such a place exsted. Only if heard about it sooner, I’d come by to visit.  Nonetheless, here I am, ready to enjoy Location Located...

Best 5 Locations to Travel for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Outdoor enthusiasts usually plan their vacations based on the outdoor activity opportunities that the location has to offer. With thousands of places to choose from, it may be difficult to decide one place, or general area, to travel to. That’s why we have created a list of the best five locations to travel to for...